Key Initiatives


Global Perspective

Globalization issues are explored in programs designed to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, technology-driven, global society by using actual case studies of global companies; sharing the international experiences of world-class faculty, guest speakers, and classmates with diverse backgrounds; and participating in international exchange offerings.

International Engagement

Faculty with PhDs from top-tier research universities engage in a spectrum of research, teaching, and consulting activities worldwide. Students are provided with opportunities to supplement their education with international internships and exchange programs with leading graduate business schools that share OzU GSB’s educational objectives and prepare their students for similar careers in the globally interdependent business community.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A school-wide entrepreneurial climate contributes toward a better understanding of the development, governance, profitability, and sustainability of new businesses. OzU GSB’s interdisciplinary, innovative, and entrepreneurial education programs are supported by the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE), which unites experienced entrepreneurs and students to discuss business ideas and helps students develop new businesses in freestanding and corporate circumstances.

Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

OzU GSB is committed to producing engaged graduates, prepared for life, work, and leadership positions in a constantly changing world – graduates who are able to bridge cultural differences and face complex ethical issues. Leadership and interpersonal skills are developed through a set of integrated courses that emphasize effective teamwork, oral and written communication, leadership skills, and ethics. A leadership speaker series brings corporate executives and students together for an exchange of experiences and perspectives on leadership issues.


Social and cultural diversity is promoted through scholarship offerings to international students, international student and faculty exchanges, and a network of international research and practice faculty and corporate partners.