Muratcan Cicek

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Our student Muratcan Çiçek’s application to the Google EMEA Students with Disabilities Scholarship 2016 has been accepted. Thus, Muratcan Çiçek has become the only student from Turkey who has received the Google scholarship. The Google EMEA Students with Disabilities Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship Google has been awarding to Computer Science students with disabilities in Europe for the past seven years.

Scholarships are awarded based on the strength of the applicant's academic background, leadership skills and demonstrated passion for Computer Science.  Recipients of the Google Scholarship for Students with Disabilities receive a €7,000 scholarship for an academic year.
Muratcan was awarded the Google scholarship in recognition of his distinguished academic performance and his passion for computer science. Muratcan, also spent 6 months in the Oregon State University in the US as an exchange student. We congratulateMuratcan on his outstanding achievement.
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