Exchange Students

Why Study Abroad?
The better question is, why not? Who would turn down an opportunity to spend a semester or even a year in a foreign country, making friends from around the world and exploring some of its most famous locales? Study abroad is often characterized as expanding your worldview, learning the intricacies and dynamics of another culture, improving your language abilities, developing your leadership abilities etc. but just as importantly, it is fun!

From an academic standpoint, study abroad is an opportunity to diversify your curriculum base by taking courses from a wider network of professors while working together with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Graduate programs and multinational employers also tend to seek international experience in their applicants. International perspective and multicultural understanding have become indispensable requirements of the global business world.

So instead of sitting around and asking yourself "Why Study Abroad?", go ahead and apply today! Let the world change you.

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