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Feb 23, 2016

Asst. Prof. Bahriye Cesaret Wins TUBITAK 2232 Support

Asst. Prof. Dr. Bahriye Cesaret from Faculty of Business received support within the scope of TUBITAK Department of Science Fellowships and Grant Programs’ 2232 - Postdoctoral Return Fellowship Program. The aim of the program is to encourage successful Turkish scientists’ return to Turkey and provide support for their further realization in Turkey.

Project Name: Capacity Allocation under Competitive Pricing 

Project Summary: Revenue Management (RM) is a well-established area in Operations Management (OM). Most of the studies thus far focus on the analytical side of RM. However, little is known about how individuals actually make RM decisions. Even traditional users of RM (e.g., airlines, hotels) must combine RM software with manual oversight to achieve the best results. Additionally, there are also numerous industries which do not widely use RM software. Examples include restaurants, spa resorts, golf courses, and many other small businesses that involve managers in RM decisions. The goal of the project is to incorporate human component into RM decision-making processes and provide evidence on the impact of human behavior on competitive dynamic pricing decisions.