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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities The Administrative Services Unit is in charge of providing the necessary support for cleaning, transportation, dining hall, disinfestation, insurance, correspondence, and event management services on campus.

1. Cleaning Services

The unit provides uninterrupted cleaning service 24/7 both on campus and on access roads through its partner subcontractor.

2. Transportation Services:

The unit offers transportation services under 4 main categories including staff shuttles, student shuttles, additional shuttles (arranging larger vehicles for events), and passenger cars.

3. Dining Hall Services:

The unit oversees the dining services in the main dining hall. The unit’s partner subcontractor offers 3 meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in the main dining hall on campus.

4. Service Providers:

There are around 40 businesses operating on campus. The Administrative Services Unit ensures the smooth operation of on-campus businesses and oversees the quality of their services.

5. Event Management Service:

The Administrative Services Unit is also in charge of all cleaning and handling services for on-campus events. The unit staff makes sure all requested services are duly fulfilled as per the event request form submitted via the Solution Center. Please click here to see the Event Request Form.

6. Correspondence Services:

The unit also manages mailing and courier services as well as the storage, distribution, and use of stationery, cleaning and kitchen materials. For your stationery requests, please click here.

7. Solution Center:

Event requests forms and general requests received by the Solution Center are assigned to the relevant units by the Administrative Services Unit.

8. GSM Lines and Handset Operation Process:

Administrative Services also oversees the assignment of GSM lines and handsets on campus. Please click here to see the Mobile Phone and Line Request Form.

9. Insurance Procedures:

Administrative Services supports the relevant units at the University about the arrangement of insurance policies and damages/indemnity issues.

10. Disinfestation Service:

Administrative Services facilitates the disinfestation of campus periodically or in case of extraordinary circumstances through its partner subcontractor.

The Administrative Services Unit serves 24/7 to provide quick and effective solutions to ease stakeholders’ lives on campus.