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Apr 15, 2019

Father of Molecular Gastronomy, Hervé This, Pays a Visit to Turkey as the Guest of Özyeğin University

The Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at the School of Applied Sciences at Özyeğin University played host to Prof. Hervé This, French scientist and father of molecular gastronomy, for a special event in Istanbul: “Note by Note Cooking”. Organized in celebration of Özyeğin University’s 10th anniversary,  the “Note by Note Cooking” event offered an applied introduction to the new generation molecular gastronomy techniques to an audience made up of the leading names from the sector, students, and members of the press. Prof. Hervé This also performed a special gastro-show for invited guests. The event also heralded the launch of Turkey’s first  Master’s Program in Gastronomy and Design by Özyeğin University. Participants were informed in detail about Özyeğin University’s new thesis master’s program in Gastronomy and Design. Prof. Hervé This, the guest of honor of Note by Note Cooking hosted by Özyeğin University, drew attention to the fact that the scientific discipline named molecular gastronomy is spreading in universities around the world. “More and more laboratories and teams use chemistry, physics, and biology to explore the mechanisms of culinary phenomena”, remarked Prof. Hervé This. “On the other hand, a new technique called molecular cooking, which takes modern tools from chemistry laboratories to the kitchen, is now all over the world: Siphons, low temperature cooking, rotary evaporators, ultrasonic probes... So that a new style has been developed: Molecular Cuisine.  Meanwhile, as a new application of molecular gastronomy, a brand new idea has been developing all over the world since 1994: “Note by Note Cooking".  Indeed, this is for cooking the equivalent of synthetic music for music. In other words, it is making dishes from pure compounds. This technique can give results that were never envisioned. Because the cook can control any aspect of the dish: Consistency, color, taste, odor, trigeminal, nutrition, or toxicity. And thus, a new culinary art appears!”

Mr. Teoman Alemdar, Director of the School of Applied Sciences at Özyeğin University, stated that they brought together Prof. Hervé This with students and stakeholders from the sector at this special event organized in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Özyeğin University, to inspire students with developing trends in gastronomy and inform stakeholders from the sector about the rapidly-changing culinary arts. “Esteemed scientist Prof. Hervé This’ avant-garde approach has been a source of excitement and hope for us all as a potential solution to the rapidly-growing world population’s ever-increasing need for food and rising waste and wastefulness”, remarked Mr. Alemdar. Combining new generation cooking methods with alternative nutrition methods using food compounds, Prof. Hervé This has also been a source of inspiration to numerous world-renowned chefs. Prof. Hervé This, father of molecular gastronomy, has provided us with highly valuable and unconventional information which we find academically important. The molecular structure of food, how cooking at different temperatures change the flavors, how taste is perceived by the brain, and a new interpretation of the sense of taste were some of the topics of discussion. Meanwhile, we would like to also share with you that we are launching a new thesis master’s program in Gastronomy and Design as a manifestation of our commitment to promote and contribute to graduate education in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. We will be accepting applications to our new Master’s Program in Gastronomy and Design from May 1 to June 20, 2019 and our new thesis program will be begin in the 2019 Fall semester.

A member of AgroParisTech-INRA, and Scientific Director of the Department of "Food Science & Culture" at the French Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hervé This is renowned for his innovative practices in gastronomy, and his new generation cooking methods which make use of chemical compounds.  Prof. Hervé This has been a source of inspiration to world-famous chefs with his books and methods. His innovative approach to molecular gastronomy, which uses compounds to cook basic food items, stands out an alternative solution model for the ongoing global food, energy, and water crisis. According to Prof. Dr. Hervé This’ studies, new generation cooking methods and the use of chemical compounds in the kitchen may stop food spoilage during delivery, and thus prevent food waste during the food’s journey “from farm to fork”.