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Oct 18, 2019 - Oct 25, 2019

Sublime and Secluded: A Journey to the City Walls of İstanbul Now Published by ÖzU Press

Sublime and Secluded is a compilation of visual reflections Dr. Lecturer Metin Çavuş, a faculty member at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Özyeğin University, captured during his personal journey into the city walls of Istanbul. Offering a vibrant collection of the photographs of the city walls in Istanbul which were taken from 2017 through 2018, Dr. Metin Çavuş’s work was published as a book by OzU Press. Instead of capturing life around the city walls, Dr. Lecturer Çavuş says he preferred directing his camera onto the city walls itself, which culminated into a photo album featuring 36 black and white photos.

For Dr. Metin Çavuş, the book transforms the concept of time in photography into an investigation tool. Describing his thoughts about the city walls, Dr. Çavuş remarks: “When you shoot a centuries-old city wall standing still strong next to a short-lived flimsy plant, a pathway, or a newly-ploughed land, of course its sublimity and seclusion are immediately noticed”.

Sublime and Secluded: A Journey into the City Walls of Istanbul was designed as a photobook by Bora Fer, an instructor at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Özyeğin University. The book was showcased in the Photobooks of the World 2019 exhibition during the 4th International Istanbul Photobook Festival.