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SME Entrepreneurship

SME Entrepreneurship

About Training
You started a business and took it to a point. Now, you want to maximize your profits, and grow your business with your available resources. Do you know what you need to do to purchase new machinery, and manufacture new products in addition to the existing ones, or export to other countries, and what challenges you will be facing to grow your business?

Growing SME is a flexible program designed to help your business achieve its true potential, using a set of proven frameworks and processes to achieve efficiency and growth.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be able to analyze the current situation of your business,
  • You will identify the best growth opportunities for your business,
  • You will develop a budget that supports your vision and strategic plan,
  • You will look for new ways to make your product/service more robust,
  • You will identify the best sales strategies for your target market,
  • You will optimize the roles and responsibilities of your management team,
  • You will discover the operational systems that may support you in growing your business,
  • You will increase your profitability and financial performance,
  • You will implement your business plan,
  • You will learn how you can benefit from the existing support mechanisms for entrepreneurs.

The total duration of the program is 30 hours spread over 7 weeks. The course schedule is prepared in consideration of the busy schedules of entrepreneurs.  Courses will be offered by certified FastTrac instructors. Participants will not only attend the classes, but also a series of discussions and informative presentations to learn from each other’s experiences. Furthermore, the program will also welcome successful entrepreneurs as guest speakers, and give participants opportunities to meet successful entrepreneurs outside the classroom. 

Target Audience
Applications are invited from all SMEs that:

  • Seek to learn the advantages and challenges of growing a business,
  • Aim to identify the best  and most promising growth opportunities for their businesses,
  • Are ready to discover new ways to improve their company performance,
  • Wish to prepare a realistic growth plan that can actually be brought to life, and
  • Are operational for at least a year.

The Growing SME program allows you to communicate with others in a group-focused and interactive environment to help you analyze your business. This approach enables both your classmates and your professors to reveal their valuable business ideas and viewpoints. To help you make the most of the courses offered, the program also provides you with textbooks and a set of online tools.