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Access to Information

Access to Information

As per Article 8 of the Legislation on the Right to Information, which was prepared pursuant to the Law on the Right to Information No: 4982 published in the Official Gazette No:25269 dated 10.24.2003, and entered into force upon its publication in the Official Gazette No:25445 dated April 27, 2004, public institutions and organizations must establish information units to provide access to information. Our University’s Information Unit is established under the Corporate Communications Department.

Phone: 0216 564 90 00
Faks: 0216 564 99 99
Address: Özyeğin University, Çekmeköy Campus
Nişantepe District Orman Street 34794 Çekmeköy - İSTANBUL

Applications for Access to Information
Applicants must fill out the Annex-1 and Annex-2 forms, and submit their applications to the Information Unit in writing via email or fax.

Requested information and documents are submitted to the applicant within 15 business days from the date of application. In the event that the application relates to multiple institutions or organizations, access to the requested information or documents is granted within 30 business days. In such a case, the applicant must be notified of the extension and its reason within 15 business days.

  • Complete all of the required fields in the following forms to request access to information,
  • Save the form on your computer,
  • Explain your request in an email message, attach the form you saved, and send them to: bilgiedinme@ozyegin.edu.tr.

Real Persons (Annex-1)
Legal Entities (Annex-2)


Law on the Right to Information
Prime Ministry Circular
Legislation on the Right to Information