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Occupational Health and Environment Board

Occupational Health and Environment Board

“The Occupational Health and Environment Board was established to protect the members and students of the University from any accidents and dangers, as well as to develop and promote protective and preventive actions to ensure occupational safety and security, as per Article 5 of the Rules and Regulations for Occupational Health and Safety Boards.”


Instructor Nergis Uyan (Director of the School of Languages) (Chair)
Instructor Leyla Adiloğlu (Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Science)
Prof. Gülay Altay (Faculty of Engineering)
Assistant Prof. Dr. Semra Tokay (Faculty of Architecture and Design) 
Assistant Prof. Dr. Bige Açımuz (Faculty of Law)
Assistant Prof. Dr. Başak Altan (Faculty of Business)
Assistant Prof. Dr. Erzen Öncel Yükleyen (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Alican Saygı (School of Applied Sciences)
Tolga Önder (Secretary General)
Hikmet Taşdemir (Health & Safety and Environment Coordinator)
Müge Belbes (Human Resources Coordinator)
Cemalettin Gürel (Operations Director)
Beste Ersun (Corporate Communications Coordinator)
Recep Uzal (Foreman at Operations Unit)
Murat Ustabaşı (Employee Representative)
Okan Pala (Administrative Supervisor of Sustainable Development Forum)
Yasemin Somuncu (Specialist Researcher of Center for Energy, Environment and Economy)
Yasemin Kilit Aklar (Accreditation and Quality Assurance Coordinator)
University Physician
Soluto Representative (Subcontractor Representative)
Student Representative