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Graduation Participation Criteria

Graduation Participation Criteria

Eligibility Requirements to Attend the Commencement Ceremony

  • Students who graduated at the end of the summer session of the previous academic year and students who completed all of their graduation requirements (the minimum required cumulative grade point average, courses, internships, certificates, project/thesis submission etc.) at the end of the fall or spring semester in the current academic year are eligible to attend the Commencement Ceremony. However, senior Professional Flight program students who were unable to complete their flight training due to a compelling reason and therefore have been assigned an Incomplete (I) grade may also attend the Commencement Ceremony provided that they have completed all of the other graduation requirements. These students’ graduation and diploma proceedings are completed after their incomplete grades are replaced with their actual grades.
  • Double major students may attend both the Commencement Ceremony held in the year they graduated from their primary majors and the Commencement Ceremony held in the year they graduated from their secondary major. Double major students who have simultaneously graduated from both of their majors may attend the Commencement Ceremony held in the respective year only.
  • Students must attend the Commencement Ceremony at the end of the academic year in which they have qualified to graduate from their departments. Students may attend a Commencement Ceremony only once for each major they study at the University. Students who attended a Commencement Ceremony in any year may not attend the other Commencement Ceremonies which will take place in the following years.