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Research Labs

Research Labs

Developmental Psychology Lab

Developmental Psychology examines changes that occur from birth till death. The focus of the studies being conducted at Developmental Psychology Labs at Ozyegin University is the investigation of the social and cognitive changes during childhood and adolescence.

1. Child Development and Learning Studies Lab

Research in our lab focuses on individual and environmental factors affecting children’s development and learning during the early years. We study interactions between children’s temperament and their environment as predictors of child outcomes. Our team in collaboration with other researchers in Turkey currently works on research investigating how home and classroom processes influence children’s social-emotional and academic outcomes.

In addition to research, our lab also works on outreach projects by which we provide training for parents and teachers regarding child development and learning.

Website: http://labs.ozyegin.edu.tr/cdll/
e-mail:  cdll@ozyegin.edu.tr 
Direktör: Dr. İbrahim H. Acar 

2. Studies in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Research in this lab aims to examine age related changes in developmental tasks, facilitators and frustrators of positive youth development. 

Website: https://ergenlikvegenclik.ozyegin.edu.tr/ 

Director: Dr. Ayfer Dost-Gözkan

email: ayfer.dost@ozyegin.edu.tr 

The Social and Organizational Psychology Lab

The Social and Organizational Psychology Lab centers on studies examining various psychological phenomena that broadly occur within societies and organizations. Toward this end, the lab conducts a mix of both experimental and non-experimental studies. The goal of this lab is to advance understanding of human attitudes, cognition, and behaviors regarding phenomena that occur in societal, organizational, and group-based contexts.

Cognitive Science Lab

1-Complex Cognition Lab

Research in the Complex Cognition Lab at OzU focuses on questions regarding the cognitive processes involved in reasoning, problem solving, and scientific inference. Currently, particular emphasis is placed on how people process and deal with uncertainty and error when they are expected to generate hypotheses and make inferences to solve well-defined problems. Our goal is to combine behavioral, computational, and neuroimaging studies through collaborations across labs to gain a more complete understanding of these cognitive processes.

2-Perception and Action Studies

We study perceptual, attentional and motor processes under natural conditions. On the one hand side we address how humans perceive natural and complex scenes by analyzing their responses and gaze patterns. Moreover, we develop new versions of the rubber hand illusion that entail movements of the participants.

Relationship Research Lab

The goal of the Relationship Research Lab at Ozyegin University is to understand and explore close relationships. Established in June 2014, our lab studies how close relationships such as couple and family relationships affect children’s and adult’s emotions, behaviors and thinking processes. Information about our research team, our projects and how to participate in our studies can be found on our web page.

Website: rrl.ozyegin.edu.tr
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rrl.ozu.edu.tr
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/iliski_lab

The CAPABLE (Cancer Awareness, Physical Activity, Behavior, Lifestyle, & Education) Lab

The CAPABLE (Cancer Awareness, Physical Activity, Behavior, Lifestyle, & Education) Lab examines behavioral mechanisms underlying some of society’s most pressing current health topics.  In line with the World Health Organization’s Noncommunicable Diseases Targets, the CAPABLE Lab strives to improve current health and prevent future health complications, specifically those complications related to physical inactivity, unhealthy dietary practices, and underutilization of cancer prevention/early detection services. 

Blending the domains of health psychology, sport and exercise psychology, social psychology, and public health, the lab conducts experimental and observational studies to untangle the complex web of health behaviors. The CAPABLE Lab prides itself on the relationship between academic staff and students to not only conduct cutting-edge research but to train the next generation of scientists.  At the Özyeğin CAPABLE Lab, you are capable.