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Dormitory Payment Methods and Refund Conditions

Dormitory Payment Methods and Refund Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Housing fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each semester, before checking in dormitories.
  • If students are assigned rooms at a later date after the doors are opened, the room rates are calculated as of the room assignment day.

Payment Options

Credit / Debit Card: Advance payments can be made by debit TC ID Number / Foreign IDor credit cards via the web pos system on the university website, using the Student ID Number and  Number, by the due date for payments.

Advance Payment via Bank Branches: Payers must personally visit a branch of Fibabanka by the due date of dormitory payments and mst state that they wish to pay the tuition for Özyeğin University's Dormitory Deposit / Fee by providing the banck officer with the student's name and surname as well as the student's ID number. The amount fisplayed on the bank's system is collected by the bank officer.

Refund Terms and Conditions 

  • Students that check out of the dorms by the end of the 4th week following the start of classes announced in the academic calendar are refunded 50% of the housing fees they paid for the relevant semester. 
  • Students that check out of the dorms after the end of the 4th week are not refunded. 
  • Students suspended/dismissed from the dorms are not refunded.