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MSc in Architecture (Thesis) Program

MSc in Architecture (Thesis) Program


The purpose of the Master of Architecture Program (with thesis) is to provide the graduate students with the knowledge and skills to conduct scientific research and work in related fields such as interior architecture and environmental design, landscape architecture. Required conditions for qualified research are provided by the existence of competent academicians in their field and the availability of adequate infrastructure facilities in addition to the research and development environment infrastructure of the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Graduates of Özyeğin University's Master of Architecture Program (with thesis) will, with a world-class education, have the competence to take part in scientific research and development projects at national and international levels. In addition, program graduates are expected to be admitted to doctoral programs at universities in Turkey and abroad in line with their tendencies and to carry out high quality scientific studies.

The content of the Master of Architecture Program (with thesis), where the medium of instruction is English, has been created by international standards. That the research conducted within the scope of the program is supported by national organizations such as TUBITAK, the European Union, and different international organizations will increase the standards of the studies. The students will also learn by interacting with colleagues from different cultures and gain an international perspective through doing research in an international setting.

It is essential for the students to comprehend the position and interdisciplinary interaction of their own research areas by creating an adequate level of knowledge, and to develop their knowledge and skills to use advanced theoretical and applied knowledge. Students are expected to solve problems using scientific/effective research methods, be able to carry out a study independently, and develop new and strategic approaches to solve complex and pressing problems. In addition, it is of great importance for the student to be able to take a leadership role in the problems related to the research field, to be able to critically evaluate his / her knowledge and skills, and to direct the learning process in line with his / her areas of interest.

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Information for MSc Architecture (Thesis Based), MSc Architecture (Project Based- M.Arch), murat.sahin@ozyegin.edu.tr


Online Application Dates:  June 11 - August 4 2021 

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Application Requirements

  1. Degrees: Applicants must be either graduates of or graduating from an undergraduate program in case of Thesis and Non-Thesis program applications; and an undergraduate or a master's program in case of applications for the PhD program, respectively.

    Among admitted applicants, those who are expected to graduate must successfully complete their current programs prior to the enrollment date in order to be able to enroll in the university.

    For diplomas awarded by higher education institutions abroad, their education and degree must be recognized by YÖK to be equivalent to those awarded by higher education institutions in Turkey. Candidates who apply to master’s degree programs must submit their Bachelor’s Degree equivalency letter; candidates who apply to doctorate programs with undergraduate degree must submit their Bachelor’s Degree equivalency letter; candidates who apply to doctorate programs with graduate degree must submit their Master’s Degree equivalency letter. The Student Services of Ozyegin University will help the admitted candidates who do not have the equivalency letter to obtain the letter.

  2. Graduate Programs Entrance Exam Score Report:Turkish citizens have to provide one of the following exam scores. Foreign nationals are exempt from submitting the Entrance Exam Score Report.


    Graduate School of Engineering and Science

    MSc Architecture (Thesis Based)





    GRE - Old (quantitative)

    Min. 610

    5 Years

    GRE - Revised (quantitative)

    Min. 149

    5 Years


    Min. 55 (quantitative)

    3 Years

    *ALES condition is not required for the applications of the candidates who have obtained the degrees of Doctorate, Proficiency in Medicine and Art. The evaluation of these candidates will be based on 75 points for Architecture Master's (with thesis) and City and Architecture's Master's Program (with thesis), and 55 points for other graduate programs, excluding non-thesis programs.

  3. English Proficiency Exam Score Reports:Applicants must submit one of the following score reports provided that they are still valid. Candidates who graduate from English-medium programs of higher education institutions are exempt from English proficiency test provided that they graduated within the last two years prior to enrollment.

    English Exam

    Graduate School of Engineering and Science

    MSc Architecture (Thesis Based)

    (from the date of application)


    Min. 66 2 Years

    KPDS / ÜDS / YDS*

    Min. 55 3 Years

    ÖzÜ Trace Exam***

    Min. 50 2 Years

    * Candidates who apply to MSc programs and those who graduate from the English language programs of higher education institutions at most two years before the registration date, are exempt from the English proficiency requirement.
    ** Interuniversity Foreign Language Examination Determination of equivalency of the Directive examination pursuant to Article 6/3.d "If the exam taken in Turkey, the exam place has to be in the state university’s buildings"
    *** TRACE Exam is only accepted for the MSc. and March graduate programs.

  4. Other Conditions


    Graduate School of Engineering and Science

    MSc Architecture (Thesis Based) *


    Min. 2.3 /4 CGPA in Undergraduate degree

    Accepted Undergraduate programs

    Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Industrial Design

    *Candidates who meet the above-mentioned conditions must also be successful in the oral interview.

Application Documents

All documents must be prepared in Turkish or English. If prepared in other languages, notarized copies in Turkish or English must also be attached to the original documents.

  1. Application Form: Application form filled in online completely and accurately.
  2. Diploma: Copy of the diploma awarded by the latest higher education institution that the applicant is graduated from. For diplomas awarded by higher education institutions abroad, a copy of the equivalency letter issued by YÖK's International Equivalency Office is needed.
  3. Transcripts: Transcripts showing all courses taken and grades achieved in all higher education institutions the applicant has so far attended to or graduated from. If the transcripts do not include any information about the grading system, separate documents must be provided for the grading system of the relevant institutions.
  4. Graduate Programs Entrance Exam Score Report: One of the score reports listed (ALES, GRE) in the application requirements.
  5. English Proficiency Examination Score Certificate: One of the documents listed (TOEFL, YDS, KPDS, ÜDS) in the application requirements.
  6. Letter of Recommendation: Two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation must be obtained from the applicant’s instructors and/or previous/current employer. Letters of recommendations obtained from family and friends are not acceptable.
  7. Letter of Intent: Essays written in English about personal or professional goals in subjects provided by the Graduate School.
  8. Supplementary Documents for International Students: Copy of the information page of the passport.
  9. Additional Information: The applicant can provide additional information, if any, about the special circumstances in his/her academic background or professional career to support his/her application.

Application, Evaluation and Admissions

The university may request applicants to prove the accuracy of information and documents submitted during the application or the university may directly search the accuracy of such information and documents. Should it be determined that there are inconsistencies in information and documents provided by prospective students, such students are denied admission even if they were previously admitted, and their enrollments are revoked, even if previously completed.

Application documents are kept by the university and under no circumstances are returned to applicants, regardless of the result of evaluation.

As a result of preliminary evaluations conducted on the application information and documents, prospective students may be invited for a written examination or an interview. Failure to attend the interview or examination will disqualify the applicant from further consideration.

Applications are evaluated by an admission jury. Recommendations of the admission jury regarding the admission of applicants are concluded upon the resolution of the relevant Graduate School Executive Board.

If deems necessary, the Graduate School Executive Board may subject some of the admitted students to the Scientific Preparatory Program for one or two semesters to fully prepare them for their graduate programs. The resolution of the Graduate School Executive Board lists all courses that must be taken by the applicant.

The scope, application requirements and quotas of scholarships granted to admitted students are determined by the Board of Trustees for each academic year. Scholarships are awarded upon the resolution of the relevant Graduate School Executive Board and the approval of the Rector.

The foreign students must get the annotated student visa which is obtained from Consulate Branches of Turkish Embassies or Consulate General located in their country or nearby, in order to make entry to Turkey. Students should apply for the visa with the Consulate Notification Letter, which is sent by the institute with the acceptance letter. For detailed information please click here.

Our university will complete the necessary procedures for obtaining the degree equivalency for international prospective students who do not have an Equivalency Letter- which is obtainable from the Higher Education Council (YÖK). Such students are conditionally admitted and are enrolled as special students until their degrees are recognized by the relevant authorities. Students whose applications for diploma equivalency is accepted by the Higher Education Council become regular graduate students.

You can review the Özyeğin University Directives on Graduate Program Admissions to learn more about the application, admission and enrollment processes.

MSc Architecture (Thesis Based) Program Curriculum / Conditions for Graduation

3 compulsory courses, 4 elective courses, a seminar course and a thesis should be taken and passed for graduation. In order to graduate from the program, a total of 120 ECTS credits must be completed successfully. Students have the opportunity to take elective courses from other programs.

MSc Architecture (Thesis)
1.Term 2.Term
ARCH 501 Research Methods 3-0 - (7,5 ECTS) ARCH 502 Project 3-0 - (7,5 ECTS)
ARCH 503 Theory of Architecture 3-0 - (7,5 ECTS) ARCH 590 Seminar 3-0 - (7,5 ECTS)
Elective 1 3-0 - (7,5 ECTS) ARCH 594 Master Thesis Study I in Architecture (7,5 ECTS)
Elective 2 3-0 - (7,5 ECTS) Elective 3 3-0 - (7,5 ECTS)
1.Term Total: 30 ECTS 2.Term Total: 30 ECTS
ARCH 595 Master Thesis Study II in Architecture (22,5 ECTS) ARCH 596 Master Degree Thesis in Architecture (30 ECTS)
Elective 4 3-0 (7,5 ECTS)  
3.Term Total: 30 ECTS 4.Term Total: 30 ECTS

MSc in Architecture (Thesis based) Program Requirements

MSc in Architecture (Thesis) Program Courses

Compulsory Courses

  • ARCH 501 Research Methods
  • ARCH 502 Project
  • ARCH 503 Theory of Architecture
  • ARCH 590 Seminar
  • ARCH 594 Master Thesis Study I in Architecture
  • ARCH 595 Master Thesis Study II in Architecture
  • ARCH 596 Master Degree Thesis in Architecture

Elective Courses

  • ARCH 510 Originality in Architecture
  • ARCH 512 Landscape Design and Planning
  • ARCH 513 Istanbul; Planning, Architecture and Design
  • ARCH 514 Restoration and Conservation
  • ARCH 515 Modern Turkish Architecture
  • ARCH 516 Architectural Design and Sun
  • ARCH 517 Urban Design Lab I: Contemporary Theory at the Interfaces
  • ARCH 518 Project and Construction Management
  • ARCH 519 Computational Design in Architecture
  • ARCH 521 Spatial Systems in Architecture and Urban Space
  • ARCH 523 Housing Culture: Local and Global Effects
  • ARCH 525 Energy Efficient Building Design and Renovation
  • ARCH 526 Current Issues in Architecture and Design
  • ARCH 527 Cultural Studies in Architecture
  • ARCH 528 Integrated Design and Environment
  • ARCH 530 Performance Management in Construction
  • ARCH 531 Quality Management in Construction
  • ARCH 532 Modern Architecture and Interior Design in Turkey
  • ARCH 533 Architectural Criticism
  • ARCH 534 Morphology of Historical Cities


  • Doğa Dinemis AMAN
  • Touraj ASHRAFIAN
  • Alessandro CAMİZ
  • Nevşet Gül ÇANAKÇIOĞLU
  • Ayşe Ceren GÜLER
  • Tayfun GÜRKAŞ
  • Ebru KARAHAN
  • Demet MUTMAN
  • Luca ORLANDI
  • Kaan ÖZGÜN
  • Güliz ÖZORHON
  • İlker Fatih ÖZORHON
  • Mehmet SANER
  • Murat ŞAHİN
  • Beyza ŞAT
  • Melis TANER
  • Işılay TEKÇE
  • Semra TOKAY
  • Hülya TURGUT
  • Alper ÜNLÜ
  • Aslıhan ÜNLÜ