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OzU Faculty of Law Features

  • Distinguished faculty members who are experts in their respective disciplines,
  • A modern and in-depth curriculum that provides a broad understanding of the fundamental rules of law and laws in force,
  • A vast array of electives facilitating interdisciplinary studies to respond to new developments
  • Theory, practice and research focused instruction,
  • A new instruction system with tracks to allow students specialize not only in their degree programs but also in their areas of interest and other required fields,
  • An education system encouraging students not only to learn but to constantly ask questions and seek solutions as a mental activity and a life style choice,
  • Certificate programs

Our Graduates

  • will understand and be able to apply the key concepts of law such as rights and equity, justice and democracy,
  • will be able to analyze and create solutions for the mindset and value judgments of the society in which they live with the notion that the rules of law are created to satisfy the needs of the society,
  • will be responsive to new requirements brought on by social and cultural dynamics and able to find legal solutions for multidisciplinary issues of the modern day,
  • will be aware of the fact that the law is the body of rules aiming to secure justice and will put their best effort to establish justice,
  • will be vested with the intellectual and spiritual maturity and wisdom to fairly apply abstract rules of law to real incidents and thus will serve the real purpose of the law, and,
  • will have taken the necessary steps for their personal development with the awareness that law is an art of self-expression both in verbally and in writing

Academic Program

During the freshman year, students are introduced to the study of law through the basic courses such as Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, Civil Law and Roman Law. These courses provide an in-depth understanding of the concepts such as rule of law, code of conduct, justice, order and sanction. The fundamentals of dogmatic law are covered. Students are also introduced to Private Law and Public Law through the Civil Law and Constitutional Law courses.

During the sophomore year, students are acquainted with professional and technical law through the courses on Criminal Law, Law of Obligations, Administrative Law, and Public International Law. Blending theory and practice together, these courses offer students an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. Thus students gain a holistic understanding of the laws in force and their execution.

During the junior year, students are offered courses on Special Provisions of Criminal Law, Special Provisions of Law of Obligations, Property Law, Law of Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, General Public Law, Philosophy of Law, and Sociology. The junior year courses prepare students to their future tracks in which they will specialize. Students are also offered courses on how to start and manage a business during their junior year.

The senior year curriculum is comprised of the Criminal Procedure Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Maritime Commercial Law, Private International Law, Law of Inheritance, Labor and Social Security Law courses. With the senior year curriculum, students complete the basic courses on Private Law and Public Law.


  • Attorneys at Law: Faculty of Law graduates can work as an attorney at law upon completing their one-year internship.
  • Judges and Prosecutors: Qualified graduates who pass the Judge and Prosecutor Exam can serve as a Judge or a Prosecutor upon completing a two-year internship.
  • Academics
  • Senior Public Service Administrators such as Governors, Local Administrators
  • Notaries Public
  • Consultants
  • Other Roles in All Levels in the Public and Private Sector


TThe Faculty of Law boasts a distinguished cadre of faculty, featuring 5 full-time full professors, 2 full-time associate professors, 18 full-time Dr. Lecturers, 4 full-time instructors, and 14 research assistants.  All of our faculty members received their degrees from prestigious universities and possess vast national and international experience.