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Established in 2011, Özyeğin University Faculty of Law aims to raise graduates who make a difference in the national and international arena, in the public and private sectors, and to share the knowledge it produces with relevant stakeholders, with its qualified and experienced academic and successful administrative staff, in line with its vision and mission since its establishment.

• Able to respond contemporaryly to developments and problems in the legal world,
• Have knowledge and experience of national and international comparative law,
• Competent in both theory and practice,
• Internalizing the future transformation of law from today,
• To train contemporary lawyers who believe in justice, respect human rights, and work on a rights-based basis.

As Özyeğin University Faculty of Law, we do not remain indifferent to social problems and present the information we produce to the public opinion through the national or international scientific events we organize, the outputs of the events, and the valuable, sought-after and cited publications of our faculty members.

Necessary content for those who want to pursue a career in the field of law to achieve the most accurate acquisitions It offers a high-intensity syllabus at national and international standards. Students from faculty Graduates as fully equipped lawyers, notaries, diplomats, judges, prosecutors and academicians they become.

In Özyeğin University Law Undergraduate Program, students must at least He has to do an internship for 40 working days and successfully complete specially designed certificate courses. Thus, the opportunity to experience their equipment in real legal environments before their graduation they find.

• Fully equipped with International-Comparative Law knowledge,
• Have strong judgment thanks to Fictional Courts,
• Expert in new law fields,
• In interaction with the highest level institutions of law,
• Gained field experience in Legal Clinics before graduating,
• Specialized in modules to be created with elective courses,
• During his education, he learned the perspective of all elements of the judiciary,
• Having seminars or certificate programs abroad,
• Child Law Network The Child Law Network is rights-based in research centers and laboratories. It trains graduates who have gained experience in law practice.

7 full-time Professors, 2 full-time Associate Professors, 20 full-time Dr. We are working to achieve this goal with our Faculty Member, 4 full-time Lecturers and 11 Research Assistants.