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Legal Awareness Wand - Share & Care Clinic

Legal Awareness Wand - Share & Care Clinic

The Legal Awareness Project’s primarily goal is to remind law students of the importance of their role towards the society in which they live and the global society as a whole. The idea of this project found its roots while lecturing to law students at Özyeğin University in Istanbul. Law students enter law school with big dreams, at the peak of these dreams lies the ultimate goal of creating a just world for everyone especially for those among us who were born underprivileged, and who lack the essential requirements of a decent life. Unfortunately, the effort required to pass law school, and the amount of obligations laid on the shoulders of law students, drive them away from these goals as they climb the ladder to the fourth year. Thus found the need to remind them of the importance of their role as legal pioneers towards the society they live in and the global society as a whole.

On the other hand, the necessity to introduce new teaching methods to law curriculum, different from the traditional methods used, which enable students to conduct research, prepare lectures, subtle their elocution skills, and be introduced to new cultures and societies, were also the main impulse towards such project.

The need of law students to subtle their skills goes hand in hand with the need to create a society member aware of his basic rights, paving the way for less legal problems and more democratic societies.

This project will be conducted internationally, focusing mainly on underprivileged school students. The implementation of this project will be with the help of schools in the targeted countries which will take place during the school daily program as a first step, hoping for such project to be integrated into the school curriculum as a next step.

The project started with International Human Rights Law in 2021, and aims to touch on the main legal areas that directly affect the daily life of each member in the society, such as Labor Law, Insurance Law and Criminal Law. The project’s first title International Human Rights Law deals with the concept of human rights, with a focus on children's rights, women's rights, refugee rights, and LGBTI rights.

In this context, and within the scope of children's rights, child labor, the right to freedom from sexual exploitation, children in armed conflict and legal regulations for children under criminal law will be covered. After focusing on gender discrimination within the scope of women's rights, the main problems of women's rights in societies will be addressed. These subjects mainly consist of the most harmful and widespread abuses, such as violence against women, integration of women in society and government, marriage and family, labor and employment, and property rights. Within the framework of refugee rights, freedom of movement, the principle of repatriation, the right to family life and the right to freedom and security of the person. Finally, and within the framework of LGBTI rights, the main human rights concerns related to the issue and the widespread human rights violations will be discussed.