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Abrar Ali

Abrar Ali

Assistant Professor


Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad


B.K.School of Business Management


L.D. College of Engineering

Research Areas

Strategic choices in New Ventures, Internationalization and Innovation in New Ventures, SMEs and Family Businesses in Emerging Markets, Entrepreneurial Practices of Traditional Business Communities, Marginalized Entrepreneurs: Women and Muslim Entrepreneurs


Research Publications

• Saiyed, A. A., Wierenga, M., Fernhaber, S. A., & Nummela, N. (2023). From grassroots to international markets: A qualitative study of marginalized entrepreneurs in India. International Business Review, 32(5), 102163. (ABDC A and ABS 3*)
• Saiyed, A. A., Tatoglu, E., Ali, S., & Dutta, D. K. (2023). Entrepreneurial orientation, CEO power and firm performance: an upper echelons theory perspective. Management Decision, 61(6), 1773-1797. (ABDC B and ABS 2)
• Saiyed, A.A, Eryarsoy, E., Mondal, A., & Dhandapani, K. (2023). Business group affiliation and internationalization of new ventures: Moderating role of industry and liberalization. Journal of Business Research, 157, 113610. (ABDC A, ABS 3*)
• Banerjee, S., Zattoni, A., & Saiyed, A.A. (2022). Dominant-owner CEOs, board of directors and firm performance in emerging economies: Exploring the moderating impact of quad-qualified directors. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 1-36. (ABDC A, ABS 3)
• Mostafiz, M. I., Musteen, M., Saiyed, A.A, & Ahsan, M. (2022). COVID-19 and the global value chain: Immediate dynamics and long-term restructuring in the garment industry. Journal of Business Research, 139, 1588-1603. (ABDC A and ABS 3*)
• Saiyed, A. A., & Ricard, A. (2021). Entrepreneurial characteristics and internationalisation of new ventures: a study of cognitive factors. Journal for Global Business Advancement, 14(2), 166-191.
• Saiyed, A. A., Fernhaber, S. A., Basant, R., & Dhandapani, K. (2021). The internationalization of new ventures in an emerging economy: The shifting role of industry concentration. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 38(4), 1467-1497. (ABDC A and ABS 3)
• Ayob, A. H., & Saiyed, A. A. (2020). Islam, institutions and entrepreneurship: evidence from Muslim populations across nations. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, 13(4), 635-653. (ABDC B and ABS 2)
• Saiyed, A. A. M. (2019). The role of leadership in business model innovation: a case of an entrepreneurial firm from India. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, 22(2), 70-88. (ABDC C)
• Saiyed, A. A., Basalingappa, A., & Sinha, P. K. (2016). Value network in heritage walks: case studies of Ahmedabad city walks. Journal of Heritage Management, 1(2), 191-204.
• Ricard, A., & Saiyed, A. A. (2015). Attitude toward internationalization and early internationalization: Comparison of Indian and French SMEs' decision makers. M@ n@ gement, 18(1), 54-77. (ABCD B and ABS 2)


1. Entrepreneurship (UG)
2. Doing Business in India ( UG)
3. Capstone (Business Plan) (UG)
4. Strategic Management ( MBA)
5. Doing Business in India ( Executive Participants)