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Research Assistant


Design, Technology and Society, Özyeğin University


Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University


Industrial Design, Middle East Technical University


Taşdizen's research areas are ethnography of and for design, making and design practices, communities of making and design practices, design for and with communities, material culture and consumption studies, men and masculinity studies, design publishing and curatorial practices in design.


  • ERÖZÇELİK, Alayça & B. TAŞDİZEN. (2017). "Designing on the Spot. Learning from the Social Design Projects in Gökçeada/Imbros Island." The Design Journal, 20(sup1), 1751-1764. (Paper available for download here.)
  • TAŞDİZEN, Burak & H. KAYGAN. (2016) “Ahlak dışı nesneler: Ulus'ta kentsel dönüşümün bir psikocoğrafyası” [Immoral objects: a psychogeography of urban transformation in Ulus]. Ankara Araştırmaları Dergisi, 4(2), 89-103. (Paper available for download here.)

Conference Papers

  • ERÖZÇELİK, Alayça & B. TAŞDİZEN. (2017). “Designing on the spot - The case of Gökçeada / Imbros”. 12th European Academy of Design Conference, 12-14 April 2017, Rome, Italy.
  • TAŞDİZEN, Burak & H. KAYGAN. (2016) “Between open-source and commerce: micropolitics of authorship and originality in a knitting community”. 15th Annual STS Conference: Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies, 9–10 May 2016, Graz, Austria.
  • TAŞDİZEN, Burak & H. KAYGAN. (2015) “Immoral objects: a psychogeography of gentrification in Ulus”. 4T: Design in Times of Turmoil, 14–15 May 2015, Yaşar University, Izmir.

Panel Presentations 

  • TAŞDİZEN, Burak (2016). "Social Media in a Knitting Community in Ankara, Turkey". WORKSHOP: Social Media in Turkey: Uses and impacts in Social and Political Life, 9 April 2016, British Institute Ankara & Middle East Technical University, Ankara.


Studio Courses (with studio team)

  • IDE100 Research Internship
  • IDE101 Principles of Design
  • IDE104 Design Visualization II
  • IDE201 Design Studio I
  • IDE301 Design Studio III
  • IDE302 Design Studio IV
  • IDE401 Design Studio V
  • IDE402 Design Graduation Project

Conducted Workshops

  • Beyond its Function (with Pelin Günay)
  • Very Skilled People: Sewing Workshop (with Sinem Sayar)
  • Very Skilled People: Knitting Workshop (with Handan Ergün of Nahıl Dükkan)

Supported Workshops

  • Regeneration of Craft (with Alayça Erözçelik)


Burak Taşdizen received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design with honors in 2014 from Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design. Before joining Özyeğin University, he practised graphic design as an in-house designer at a national publication house, and as an independent designer for a non-governmental organization. He has written for both academic and general audiences and has published psychogeographic readings and visual essays of the urban environment. In the past, he collaborated with Design Atelier Kadıköy [Tasarım Atölyesi Kadıköy], Mashallah News, Y-Peer Turkey [Sağlıkta Genç Yaklaşımlar Derneği], Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work [KEDV] and Nahıl Dükkan. Beside his academic practice, he remains an active collaborator of Design Atelier Kadıköy, and has worked and continues to work with women’s communities of making practices. Recently, he has written an ethnography of knitting practice over a women's knitting community as part of his graduate studies in Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University. Taşdizen is a DAAD Scholar, and speaks conversational German.