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Dilşah Ece

Dilşah Ece

Research Assistant


Maltepe University

Research Areas

Technology Use in Couple and Family Relationships

Dilşah Ece Eren completed her bachelor degree in Maltepe University Psychology department (2016). During her bachelor degree, she did internships in Afyonkarahisar Zübeyde Hanım Child Hospital, Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Psychiatric Hospital and Doğa Private Primary School. In addition to this, she worked in SOYAÇ (Application and Research Center for Street Children) as a peer mentor which is included in Maltepe University. By the support of Germany Darmstadt University, she received training for one week and helped to introduce this project. She wrote her bachelor dissertation on the examination of risk taking behavior in relations to anger and personality traits. Furthermore, she presented two paper on Maltepe University International Student Congress by these titles: "A Critique for DSM Addiction Criteria" (2014), "The Examination of Violence In Relations to Biological, Social and Psychological Factors" (2016). 
Now, she is carrying on her education in Özyeğin University Couple and Family Therapy Masters with thesis. In addition to this, she is doing clinical assistantship of Özyeğin University Couple and Family Center (ÖzÜÇAM). Her research interest is the impact of technology use in couple and family relationship.