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Mehmet B.

Mehmet B.

Assistant Professor


Istanbul University


Istanbul University, School of Economics


Istanbul University, School of Political Sciences


Born in Istanbul, Dr. Mehmet B. Piker received a degree in Marketing in Bosphorus University upon graduating from Istanbul High School (Istanbul Erkek Lisesi). In 1983, he graduated from Istanbul University, School of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations.

Dr. Piker received his master’s degree from Istanbul University, School of Economics, Department of International Relations in 1985. After conducting research for his doctoral thesis, Automobile Industry in the EC and Türkiye, in London School of Economics as a Jean Monnet Scholar, Dr. Piker received his Ph.D. in 1991 from Istanbul University.


In a professional capacity, Dr. Piker worked at Sabancı Holding for 24 years, in different positions including the Department of Strategy Development and Planning, and Legal Affairs. He held senior level positions, such as the Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding Ankara Coordinator and was a member of several companies’ Board of Directors. Dr. Piker founded the first European Union Department in the Turkish private sector. During the Customs Union process, he served on various Special Commissions formed by the government. Dr. Piker represented Turkish Business World as a delegate for “Business Europe” in the European Union and worked on projects analyzing the competitiveness of several industrial sectors. From 2005 to 2008 Dr. Piker’s firm, Rekab, Rekabet ve Avrupa Birliği İlişkileri A.Ş. defended various sectors in Competition Authority investigations.


- Competition Law Hand Book (Co-author Doc. Dr. Nurkut Inan)

- Handbook for Compilation of Companies with Competition Regulations 

- Brexit: An opportunity for Türkiye? Or a danger? (getting ready for publication)