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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1-Do you have online education?
No, attendance to the courses is required.
2-Is participation to the courses mandatory?
Yes, due to some assignments that require team work, attendance may be mandatory.
3-How many students will be accepted to the program that I have applied?
The number of students will be considered depending on the number of applicants and the capacity of the program. Thus the number can change each academic year and it is not pre-determined.
4-How can I apply?
You may obtain detailed information about the Programs from our website and start your online application by clicking the online application system.
5-Can I exit the Online Application System without completing my application?
Yes, you can exit the Online Application System. However, your application needs to be completed in order to be evaluated.
6-May I apply without my Graduate Programs Entrance Exam and English proficiency exam result?
All of the required documents need to be submitted.
7-What is the date of ÖzÜ TRACE exam, how can I have information about that exam?
You can reach the dates of ÖzÜ TRACE exam from the links below.
Please contact the GSB Office for detailed information about the exam.
8-I am senior student and I don’t have my last semester’s transcript at the time of application, would it be a problem?
You can upload your transcripts including the semester that you are in. You can submit your graduation transcript during you registration.
9-What is the difference between the Early and Late application dates?
Applicants who complete the application until the announced deadline (with no missing documents) will be eligible for a 5% discount on the program fee.
When the Early application deadline is over, applications which are complete (no missing documents) will be evaluated. During this time, applicants will be able to continue to apply until the Late application deadline.
10-What is the difference between the Normal and Late application dates for the PhD in Business applications?
When the Normal application deadline is over, applications which are complete (no missing documents) will be evaluated. During this time, applicants will be able to continue to apply until the Late application deadline. This will enable the candidate
students to have additional time to obtain the missing documents.
11-What is the minimum GPA requirement?
There is no announced minimum GPA requirement. All of the documents are going to be evaluated. However, a high GPA may have a positive impact on the evaluation of an applicant.
12-In which language should I use to write the Letter of Intent and my CV?
You should write both of them in English.
13-Is the ALES Exam mandatory for foreign citizens?
No, it is not mandatory.
14-Do you accept applications for the spring term?
Applications are not accepted for the spring term.
15-What are the quotas for each program?
They differ and we do not announce them.
16-How can I reach the academic calendar?
You can get it from the web page of the Student Services.
17-How should I load the reference letters?
Full information of the referee needs to be loaded to the online application. When the application is submitted, a reference form will be sent to the referees via e-mail. When the referees fill the form, the form will be loaded to our system.
18-May I deliver the reference letters by hand?
Referees with no internet access may complete the paper form of the letter of recommendation and either mail it to OzU GSB Office directly or return it to the candidate student in a sealed envelope, signed across the seal, to be submitted with the other
application materials, if any.
To the attention of Bahar Hısım or Gözde Şirin:
Özyeğin Üniversitesi Nişantepe Mah. Orman Sok. No: 34 – 36, 34794
Alemdağ – Çekmeköy / İstanbul
19-Who can write reference letters?
Candidate students of the EMBA, MBA and FERM programs need to obtain the reference of  a manager whom they work with or for the reference of an academic advisor from the university they graduated.
PhD in Business candidate students need to obtain one of the references from an academic advisor from the university they graduated.
20-If one or more of the required documents is missing in the application period, is there a possibility of conditional application?
Prospective students who fail to submit any of the following documents during their application may conditionally be admitted to the program they applied for with the resolution of the relevant Institution Board, if they are deemed acceptable.
21-I graduated from a university in Turkey where the language of education is English. Do I need to provide English proficiency exam score?
Candidate students who graduated two years ago from a university where the language of education is English and whose level of English is accepted as satisfactory, will exempt from an English proficiency exam.
22-Do I need to send my English proficiency  exam, GMAT/GRE and ALES exam scores and other application documents to the GSB Office?
All of the documents required for the application can be loaded to the system as pdf documents. Original documents need to be delivered to the Students Services Department during the registration.
23-When will the interviews take place?
Interviews will take place after the application deadlines are over, with the candidate students whose documents are complete.
24-Can the interview be organized through Skype?
The interview can be organized through Skype for the candidate students who live abroad or who need to be abroad for a long time. However, the preferred interview method is face to face.
25-When will the interview results be announced?
The interview results will be announced within one week after the interview takes place.
26-Can I benefit from a scholarship?
Scholarship is approved depending on the academic success of the candidate student. Corporate discount can also be offered. Highest ratio of the scholarship is eligible.
27-What is the maximum duration of time to complete the Non – Thesis Graduate Programs?
The required duration is two semesters with an additional duration of one semester, regardless of registering to the program.
28-What is the maximum duration of time to complete the PhD in Business Program?
The required duration (for the MS degree) is eight semesters with an additional duration of four semesters, regardless of registering to the program.
The required duration (for the BS degree) is ten semesters with an additional duration of four semesters, regardless of registering to the program.
29-Are there any PhD classes in the evenings?
No, all PhD classes are during day time.
30-Are the hours of the PhD classes appropriate for the candidate PhD students who work?
The PhD in Business program classes take place during week days and cover 10 to 15 hours every week. In addition to this, the candidate PhD students are expected to attend the seminars, do the research and teaching assistance. Therefore, they are
expected to be flexible in terms of studying hours.
31-Do you employ the PhD students and provide them opportunity to prepare projects?
Yes, either by becoming a research assistant or by becoming an assistant, it is possible to obtain scholarship. In addition to this, by working mutually on a project (Tübitak / European Union Projects or a research) the candidate student can obtain additional
32-Can we schedule our course program according to our specialization area?
Our program is flexible and offers the candidate students to move on according to their specialization areas. The first year starts with the general courses. The second year goes on with the specialization classes and the projects with the professors. In the
last two years, the student will be able to focus on the thesis.
33-What qualifications are required in general? Is it an added value for a PhD student to be working?
Along with the work experience, analytical skills are of the requirements being preferred. The work experience becomes a distinguishment for the thesis subject and an impressive research.
However, analytical skills and background gain importance along with article writing skills.
34-If I am accepted, does that mean I am also going to be an assistant?
Yes, apart from their course requirements, PhD students are expected to successfully fulfill their Teaching Assistantship Training duties which is a part of their education to prepare them for academic and research positions after their graduation and also in
the Research Assistantship Training part of the education, the students are expected to participate in all research activities including their thesis study.