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Excellence in a university can only be achieved by a combination of excellent faculty, excellent students, excellent systems and excellent facilities.

Library Facilities
Özyeğin University Library is designed to cater for the needs of the new generation as a center for living and learning, with its spacious and comfortable atmosphere, rich collection of books and movies, and high-level technologies that span three floors with a total area of 2,270 sqm. OzU library makes extensive use of educational technologies, and serves its patrons with a printed collection of 45,000 items, over 370,000 e-books, and more than 79,500 e-journals.OzU libraries place a high emphasis on electronic resources and has an extensive pool which offer online access from anywhere anytime.

In line with its collection development policies, the library endeavors to procure e-books as long as an electronic version is available. This way, the library aims to serve its patrons 24/7 anytime from anywhere. The library's 5-year growth plan is to expand its printed collection to 100,0000+ items.

Today, the library serves on 3 floors in the Student Center on the Çekmeköy Campus.


Özyeğin University Library offers information literacy programs in order to provide students with support and training about research techniques, how to use library resources, or how to evaluate information resources. Information Literacy Programs are delivered by the library’s seasoned staff who hold extensive knowledge.

Özyeğin University Library also provides resources which are not present in its collections (such as books, periodicals etc.) through its extensive collaborations with other national and international libraries or institutes. Resources can be supplied at the earliest convenience to patrons through agreements concluded with national institutions, including all universities and research institutions, as well as international institutions such as the British Library.
In addition to books, DVDs, or study rooms, students may also borrow technological equipment.
Students may use the copiers in the library with their Campus Cards after they load money onto their cards. Furthermore, BİLGİTAŞ Copy Center in the Student Center also offers copy/print services to students.

In all their acts and actions pertaining to copyrights, Özyeğin University staff and students are responsible for adhering to effective laws, the  principles specified in the University’s copyright policy, and other codes of conduct and ethical principles. 

Özyeğin University, as part of its code of conduct, strictly bans copying or using copies of the original or a copy of any work, including textbooks, in any way or by any means, unless permitted to do so by the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works. 

The University’s policies, procedures and rules and regulations reflect its due care to Intellectual Property Rights, and the actions it has taken so far towards their protection.  Any violations of Law No: 5846 on Intellectual Property Rights are subject to the University’s Rules and Regulations for Student Discipline, as well as other relevant policies and practices.

Loan Periods and Limits by Patrons: