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  • June05-12
    Dissertation Defense - Isam Jabbar Ibrahim Bajilane (PHDME)

      Isam Jabbar Ibrahim Bajilane - Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Assoc.Prof. Güney Güven Yapıcı - Advisor   DEVELOPMENT OF A SOLID STATE SPOT WELDING TECHNIQUE FOR THE MANUFACTURING OF DEFECT FREE JOINTS   Date: 12.06.2019 Time: 14:00 Location: AB2 G12     Thesis...

  • June04-11
    Thesis Defense - Ahmet Emir Tuzcu (MSIE)

    Ahmet Emir Tuzcu - M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Assoc.Prof. Erkun Kundakcıoğlu - Advisor   EXACT APPROACHES FOR THE NO WAIT FLOWSHOPPROBLEM   Date: 11.06.2019 Time: 16:00 Location: AB2 G03     Thesis...

  • June04-11
    Thesis Defense - Olkan Kurt (MSIE)

      Olkan Kurt- M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Asst.Prof. İhsan Yanıkoğlu - Advisor   A MATHEMATICAL MODELLING APPROACH FOR DLED TV PANEL DESIGN   Date: 11.06.2019 Time: 09:00 Location: AB2 G02     Thesis...

  • June04-11
    Thesis Defense - İbrahim Edhem Sakarya (MSIE)

    İbrahim Edhem Sakarya - M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Assoc.Prof. Erkun Kundakcıoğlu - Advisor   AUC MAXIMIZATION FOR BINARY CLASSIFICATIONUSING COMBINATORIAL BENDERS CUTS   Date: 11.06.2019 Time: 15:00 Location: AB2 G03     Thesis...

  • June03-10
    Thesis Defense - Sadi Safaraliev (MSEE)

      Sadi Safaraliev- M.Sc. Electrical Electronics Engineering Prof. Murat Uysal- Advisor   LIGHTING DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS AND CHANNEL MODELING FOR VISIBLE LIGHT COMMUNICATIONS   Date: 10.06.2019 Time: 10:00 Location: AB2 G16     Thesis...

  • May31
    Smart Led Thermocouple Receives An Award from GIV

    The Entrepreneurial Businessmen Foundation (GIV) organized the seventh edition of the Entrepreneurship Awards Ceremony, bringing together NGO representatives and entrepreneurs.This year, the 7th GIV Entrepreneurship Awards Program was held with the theme...