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Özyeğin University Mechanical Engineering will admit students to its graduate programs as of the Spring semester of the 2014-2015 academic year. Students who seek to specialize in the industry, as well as the European Commission and TÜBİTAK funded research projects are invited to our graduate programs with generous scholarship opportunities.

The goal of our Graduate Mechanical Engineering Programs is to produce entrepreneurial, well-educated engineers with great team-working skills who will be vested with the most current information and knowledge; and who will contribute to modern sciences, industry applications, the national economy and the business world. Our graduates will constitute high-quality technical human resources that are sought after by both the national and international business world.

Özyeğin University offers a world-class education to its students to prepare them as the entrepreneurial pioneers of change and development in their future employers. Moreover, our graduate students who opt for the academic life will provided the highest quality learning experience to allow them to pursue their education further in any university across the world.

The program aims to build a strong international student body composed of both Turkish and international students. In addition to gaining a high-quality engineering education, students will be exposed to international and cross-cultural interactions.

Mechanical Engineering faculty members conduct research projects, which are financed by TÜBİTAK, European Union and Industry. Our master’s and doctoral degree students are expected to take important roles in the ongoing research projects.

The curriculum of the Özyeğin University Graduate Mechanical Engineering Programs is designed in alignment with other programs around the world to make it easier for our students to transfer to other universities while they study at Özyeğin or join other universities upon their graduation. OzU Graduate Mechanical Engineering programs aim to rank among the most advanced and reputable educational institutions in the USA and Turkey. The master’s degree program without thesis is offered specifically for students who work in the industry. This program is akin to similar programs in the USA.