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Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

The Özyeğin University campus houses green and sustainable buildings. The University also makes sure that all its new buildings are environmentally friendly.

Environmental hazards are identified, starting from the planning stages to the completion of all facilities, new construction projects, academic activities, or any events in which Özyeğin University is involved.

Any precautions needed in the identification and minimization of environmental hazards and risks are planned in compliance with the effective laws and legislations.

Reactive, proactive, and preventive approaches are adopted to minimize the risks. Visitors, students, faculty, staff, and subcontractors constitute the key stakeholders of the risk identification and analysis process.

In a quest to effectively determine environmental hazards, communication channels will be created to notify all stakeholders of any close calls or incidents as well as any potential threats.

In selecting materials, equipment and systems, more environmentally friendly options will be preferred. Necessary precautions will be taken against any spills and leaks that may occur during the transportation, storage and use of materials that may have negative environmental effects.

Third parties  (neighbors, the public etc.) that may be affected from our operations will be informed about potential threats, if any, and the precautions taken against such threats.