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HSE Letter of Undertaking

HSE Letter of Undertaking

  • I hereby undertake that I will not put anyone’s life/health at risk at Özyeğin University, including faculty, staff, students or visitors,
  • I will comply with the on-campus rules of hygiene, health, safety and environment, which are also announced via posters across campus, and actively contribute to the HSE culture,
  • I will obey the rules of collective life on campus, and adopt respect and empathy as the basic approach to others,
  • I will protect natural life and green areas within the borders of Özyeğin University and its dormitories,
  • I will use the waste oil containers and eco-friendly sorting waste bins placed across campus and the dormitory area to help sort and recycle the waste I produce on campus or in the dormitories,
  • I will not smoke indoors or within the smoking free zones designated with green lines, nor will I disturb others, regardless of whether or not they smoke,
  • I will fulfill my part in meeting the necessary security requirements when accessing campus or the dormitories,
  • I will adhere to traffic signs and signage placed in parking facilities, and I will observe the speed limit on-campus,
  • I will take responsibility of the guests visiting me on campus or in the dormitories, and I will keep them from putting neither themselves nor our stakeholders at risk within the University premises, and if such a situation occurs, I will be personally held responsible,
  • I will report any emergency using the nearest emergency phone or contacting the HSE Department in person,
  • I will never damage, tamper with, or disable emergency alarms and response equipment on campus,
  • I will comply with the emergency response plans which set out the actions to take under different emergency scenarios ranked based on their level of severity, and I will attend the drills organized on campus.
  • I will embrace and contribute to all kinds of sustainability activities organized on campus.
I have read information about my personal data and I have been duly informed.
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