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Alp Karacaev - Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2017

Alp Karacaev - Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2017

I will miss life on campus

Özyeğin’s ecosystem not only equipped me with outstanding academic and professional capabilities but also revealed my entrepreneurial spirit. I came to this campus with a bit of hesitation, while I was looking into universities for horizontal transfer. The attitude of the students, staff and faculty made me feel like “this is my university”. If what you expect from a university is to pull an all-nighter to memorize your notes for the exam tomorrow, instead of doing research, reading articles, working on your professional competence; or if you do not wish  to take an active part in social, cultural or extracurricular activities; or  if you believe that university means simply attending classes, answering the questions in exams, and passing exams, or if you think that start-up culture is just a balloon, then do not choose Özyeğin University.