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Yusuf Karaca - Business Administration, Class of 2012

Yusuf Karaca - Business Administration, Class of 2012

Yusuf Karaca
Özyeğin University laid the foundation for my entrepreneurship journey

Our University offered us a high quality education capable of meeting the needs of the market. We had the opportunity to take lectures from the faculty with sectoral experience, complete internships, have access to a world-class library with unlimited access to information, and get to know the world through the Erasmus program. The University’s amenities are an advantage point on their own. I am one of the first eight graduates of Özyeğin University. I am sure the amenities we had back than were humble compared to those the students have now, but what counts is how well you leverage what you have.Özyeğin University instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in me. All of the entrepreneurship training Özyeğin University has offered to us since its early years, all of the conferences we attended, and all of the case studies we worked on have laid the foundations for our entrepreneurial journey.