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English Placement Test

English Placement Test

The English Placement Test is used to evaluate the newly admitted Özyeğin University students' level of English to decide if they are eligible to take the TRACE (Test of Readiness for Academic English). Students who do not succeed on the Placement exam will be placed into appropriate classes (A2 or B1) based on their performance in this test. 



Content of the Placement Test

There are 100 multiple choice questions in the Placement Test. 

Questions 1-20: Listening Comprehension 
In this section, candidates will answer two types of question. In the first type the speaker will ask a question and the candidate will choose the reply, and in the second, the speaker will make a statement and the candidate will choose the sentence which best summarises the statement. 

"When are you going?" "John and Mary went to the store."
a. I am a. Only John went.
b. Tomorrow b. Only Mary went.
c. To Detroit c. They both went.

Questions 21-50: Grammar 
The grammar questions represent a conversation between two people. For each question, candidates will choose a word or phrase which best completes the sentence. 

What's your name?
_____________name is John.
a. I
b. Me
c. My
d. Mine 

Questions 51-80: Vocabulary In this section, candidates will choose one word from a list of four for each question to complete a sentence. 

I can't ___________ you his name, because I don't know it.
a. talk
b. say
c. speak
d. tell 

Questions 81-100: Reading 
In the reading section, candidates will read a sentence for each question and choose an answer which relates to its meaning. 

John drove me to Eleanor's house. 

Who drove?
a. I did.
b. John did.
c. Eleanor did.
d. John and I did.