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Company Testimonials

Company Testimonials

“The Nestlé Global Youth Initiative which aims to support youth in their transition to professional life as one of its main goals, and Özyeğin University’s educational philosophy which is engineered to bring students together with the business world, are the common ground where the Erikli & Nestlé Waters Turkey and Özyeğin University meet. s. Özyeğin University’s dedicated faculty and customized programs enable students to blend their theoretical knowledge with practice, discover and build on their competencies, make a difference, and be fully prepared for professional life as qualified graduates. During the Sectoral Practicum projects and Mock Interviews we held jointly, we had the opportunity to observe it in person and we immensely enjoyed our cooperation. We hope that our cooperation will continue with new projects where we can add value to society as we share.”
Erikli & Nestlé Waters Turkey

“Mock interviews we held with the students of the Faculty of Architecture at Özyeğin University was a different and pleasant experience for us. Today, the practice of architecture extends to sociology, philosophy, leadership, environmental sciences, art, finance, innovation, and literature. Therefore, the study of architecture can be seen as a process that will by no means end in 4 years. However, during the time we spent on campus, we realized that both life on campus and the multi-dimensional education model the University offers provide students with a great advantage in terms of accelerating this process. We at Arkitera Architecture Center would like to thank Özyeğin University for providing such a free, innovative, and dynamic education in architecture.”

“I was one of the participants of the Özyeğin University Sectoral Orienteering days in April 2016. Two things in particular drew my attention during my time at the campus. One of them was how much Özyeğin law students were focused on their career path and the way they had admirably broad perspectives and open minds. Second was the friendly and casual, but also attentive and detail-oriented nature of the staff. I remain convinced that Özyeğin University Law Faculty alumni will be ones to watch for in the Turkish legal market in the years to come.”
Emir Jami, Managing Associate
Güner Law Office

"In the 2016-2017 spring semester, I had the opportunity to re-discover how creative and hardworking the new generation is during the time I spent with my students over the course of the Özyeğin Interior Architecture studio. Both the creative energy that presides the campus and the students’ inspiring curiosity for their profession are truly impressive. The design of on-campus locations gives inspiration for the atmosphere of studio training and the faculty promotes research, which all in all create a truly unique educational environment for students studying design. I hope that the graduates of the Architecture and Interior Architecture departments will accomplish successful projects in their practices with their design education."
Dila Gökalp, M.S. in Architecture

"First of all, we would like to let you know that we are pleased to work with Özyeğin University. As a company that has always aimed for recognition of our innovativeness and development in the retail sector, we forge ahead with our employees who share the same mission and vision with us. Özyeğin University offers its students vast amenities and helps them make a difference for their employers through the career projects, as well as internship and training opportunities it provides to its students with its innovative and entrepreneurial approach. As the Migros family, we wish continued success and a beautiful career path to all your students who will graduate this year."
Migros Ticaret A.Ş.

"We have been following up on Özyeğin University since its foundation. We think that they take the quality of education to new heights each day. Through their global vision, impressive campus environment, and importance they attach to university-private sector collaboration, they have already achieved a high rank among the top universities in Turkey. Particularly, we were highly pleased with the professional attitude and caring approach of the Sectoral Education and Professional Development team during our Career Program. From now on, Özyeğin University will be among the leading universities that we wish to partner with and contribute to its development."

"As the ABank, we had the chance to post our job advertisements both on Özyeğin University’s career portal and main campus for our Management Trainee Program (MT 2017). Özyeğin University students showed a great interest in our programs. In addition to our MT Program, Ms. Demet Çaldağ, our Chief Risk Officer, and Mr. Levent Güven, our Head of Treasury, also attended the “Banking and Financial Intermediation” course at Özyeğin University. They both gave very good lectures, thanks to the questions and keen interest of the students. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Özyeğin University staff and students who promptly responded to all our questions during that period."