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Our Psychological Resilience During Covid-19 Process

Our Psychological Resilience During Covid-19 Process

Since COVID-19 is a threat we cannot control, it is quite common that we feel anxious about the current situation. Due to uncertainty, you may have experience feelings such as panic, fear, despair, helplessness, worthlessness. You may also experience stress.  

What can you do to deal with those experiences and reactions?

- Share how you feel with your loved ones; you can stay in touch with friends or family via telephone, video calls or social media and maintain your social interactions

- Be physically active by moving your body. You can do stretching or body exercises.

-When you feel anxious, breathe deeply and practice relaxation techniques.

-Stick to a routine every day, take care of your nutrition and sleep. You can make flexible plans to configure your time. 

-Limit yourself to watching news and following social media that causes you to feel anxious or distressed; seek information updates only from trusted sources at specific times during the day, twice. 

-Take time for activities that you think will be good for you (for example, taking care of flowers, painting, taking time for your hobbies, getting online trainings, meeting your friends on online platforms).

- Remember that the isolation / quarantine process can be a difficult time for everyone and try not to personalize the problem you are experiencing.

If you think you need professional support , you can send an e-mail to counseling@ozyegin.edu.tr to make an online appointment. As the Psychological Counseling Unit, we continue to provide online psychological support to our students.