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Grants and Contracts

Grants and Contracts

Research Projects of Faculty of Engineering


Title of the Project Coordinator Sponsor Budget TARİH
Design and Development of an Upper Limb Exoskeleton Robot with Series Elasticity and High Torque Density Barkan Uğurlu TÜBİTAK 26.500,00 TL 14.12.2015
High Resolution Color Camera Design Tanju Erdem TÜBİTAK 7.000,00 TL 05.07.2015
SUASİS - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Murat Uysal Industry 354.001,18 TL 02.01.2015
Development of a Domestic Urea Injection System and Its Engine Tests Özgür Ertunç TÜBİTAK 2.238.000,00 TL 17.04.2015
Vestel - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Görkem Yılmaz Industry 62.763,49 TL 06.04.2015
Vestel - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Burhan Gülbahar Industry 103.320,38 TL 01.03.2015
International Training, Certification, and Development Center for LED Mehmet Arık İSTKA 1.072.555,00 TL 01.01.2013
EGEMSOFT - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Gonca Gürsun Industry 50.839,00 TL 01.06.2015
Turkcell - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Cenk Demiroğlu Industry 20.477,00 TL 01.12.2015
Trust-based fusion of uncertain information from diverse sources - 3 Murat Şensoy Other 231.208,00 TL Değerlendirmede
Investigating of the Low Temperature Mechanical Properties of Magnesium Alloys Developed by Thermo-mechanical Processing Güven Güney Yapıcı TÜBİTAK 289.500,00 TL 01.09.2015
Datart - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Ömer Erhun Kundakçıoğlu Industry 0,00 TL 28.07.2015
Turkcell - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Hasan Sözer Industry 15.186,00 TL  01.12.2015
Semiz Elektronik - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Mustafa Furkan Kıraç Industry 62.540,00 TL 01.11.2015
Daily Operating Room Planning With Sequence and Resources Dependent Stochastic Surgery Times Enis Kayış TÜBİTAK 152.701,00 TL 08.08.2014
Inventory Management and Transshipment Policies for Drugs with No Annual Contract in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Planning Under Uncertainty Ömer Erhun Kundakçıoğlu TÜBİTAK 281.700,00 TL  
Utilization and Effectiveness of a Cell Separation Technology  (LeukoChip) for Easier Radionuclide Labeling of Leukocytes’ Emre Özkumur TÜBİTAK 594.000,00 TL 01.09.2015
Modeling and Analysis of Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting and Transmitting Cognitive Sensor Networks with Markov Chains Ali Özer Ercan TÜBİTAK 254.047,00 TL 09.01.2015
Optic Wireless Communication Perfection Center Murat Uysal İSTKA 1.373.479,00 TL 08.07.2015
Standard Profil - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Bahar Başım Industry 37.915,14 TL 21.11.2015
MSCA IF Pre-evaluation Support Gonca Gürsun TÜBİTAK 2.419,73 TL 31.08.2015
Mohamed Oussama Damen Araştırma Ziyareti Murat Uysal TÜBİTAK 7.850,00 TL 17.09.2015
Vestel - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Hasan Sözer Ministry of S&T (SANTEZ) 85.260,00 TL 15.09.2012
FARBA - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Mehmet Arık Industry 5.310,00 TL 15.01.2015
BESTAS - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Mehmet Arık Industry 944,00 TL 29.01.2015
Spoofing attacks to speaker verification systems using hidden Markov model based noisy speech synthesis Cenk Demiroğlu TÜBİTAK 30.000,00 TL 02.09.2015
BOSH Termoteknik - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Özgür Ertunç Industry 108.704,52 TL 01.04.2015
KGYS Smart Support Software Development Project Mustafa Furkan Kıraç TÜBİTAK 1.500.000,43 TL 31.07.2015
BİTEK - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Elvin Çoban Industry 42.480,00 TL 09.03.2015
International Field Reversible Thermal Conenctor (RevCon) Challenge Mehmet Arık Other 21.675,75 TL 09.04.2015
International Conference on Autonomious Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) Murat Şensoy TÜBİTAK 20.000,00 TL 08.05.2015
Horizon 2020 Project Development Training Pınar Mengüç TÜBİTAK 3.409,30 TL 12.12.2014
Vestel - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Mehmet Arık Ministry of S&T (SANTEZ) 189.679,35 TL 01.09.2012
An Integrated Solution Method and its Applications for the Inventory Routing Problem Ali Ekici TÜBİTAK 336.750,00 TL 10.07.2015
FARBA - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Mehmet Arık Industry 10.443,00 TL 15.04.2015
Topographic Prediction Based Energy Management for Electric Vehicles Hasan Fatih Uğurdağ TÜBİTAK 265.743,00 TL 17.04.2015
REENGEN - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Ömer Erhun Kundakçıoğlu Industry 2.950,00 TL 27.07.2015
Nonlinear Decision Rules İhsan Yanıkoğlu TÜBİTAK 18.370,00 TL 24.06.2015
DOCOMO - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Oğuz Sunay Industry 21.675,75 TL 01.01.2015
Information Technology Management Platform (BTYP) - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Hasan Sözer Industry 45.000,00 TL 01.12.2015
RDC PARTNER - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Murat Şensoy Industry 5.900,00 TL 01.06.2015
Gyroscopes Based on Acoustic Waveguides Göksenin Yaralıoğlu TÜBİTAK 558.148,00 TL 16.01.2015
Coordinator for Horizon 2020 Support Program Mehmet Arık TÜBİTAK 13.171,44 TL 10.08.2015

Research Projects of Center for Energy, Environment and Economy

Title of the Project Coordinator Sponsor Budget  
TRIBE -TraIning Behaviours towards Energy Efficiency: Play it! Pınar Mengüç H2020 683.863,50 TL YOK

Research Projects of Faculty of Social Sciences

Title of the Project Coordinator Sponsor Budget  
The Influence of Cultural Factors on Trust in Automation Asiye Kumru Other 130.054,50 TL 20.04.2015
The British Council Research Travel Grant Deniz Yonucu Other 41.311,95 TL 02.02.2015
Promoting Gender Balance and Inclusion in Research, Innovation and Training Alper Açık H2020 506.765,69 TL YOK
Improving Mother-child Attachment Relationship with Circle of Security Parenting Training Program  Gizem Arıkan TÜBİTAK 349.762,00 TL 09.01.2015
Adolescents’ disclosure to their parents: Individual and familial predictors and positive development Ayfer Dost Gözkan TÜBİTAK 144.983,00 TL 07.10.2015
Science Academy’s Young Scientists Program Award (BAGEP) Berna Zengin Arslan Award 20.000,00 TL 07.04.2015

Research Projects of Center for Entrepreneurship

Title of the Project Coordinator Sponsor Budget  
MakerLab İhsan Elgin İSTKA 346.440,00 TL 08.07.2015
Individual Young Entrepreneur Accelerator Program Yasemin Eren TÜBİTAK 364.947,00 TL 30.06.2015

 Research Projects of Faculty of Business

Title of the Project Coordinator Sponsor Budget  
Analysis of the Determinants of Declining Home Ownership Rate in Turkey Işıl Erol TÜBİTAK 54.750,00 TL 08.01.2015
Factors that Influence the Value of Portfolios of Customers in Mergers and Acquisitions Cem Bahadır TÜBİTAK 13.500,00 TL 03.07.2015
Productivity Dept. of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Ümit Özlale Industry 0,00 TL 18.06.2015
Analysis of Pharmaceutical Sector as an Effective Industry and Health Policy Tool Ümit Özlale TÜBİTAK 144.000,00 TL 08.01.2015
ERC Project Pre-evaluation Support Koen Pauwels TÜBİTAK 18.865,20 TL 20.05.2015
YARGICI - ÖzÜ Collaboration Project Emre Soyer Industry 23.600,00 TL 16.03.2015
Eye on Europe II: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs   Ahmet Murat Fiş Other 269.813,28 TL 26.01.2015
Eye on Europe III: Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs   Ahmet Murat Fiş Other 0,00 TL 26.11.2015