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About Student Life Office

About Student Life Office

The Student Life Office supports Özyeğin University in its mission of preparing innovative, creative, and multi-dimensional students vested with a strong sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness. To this end, throughout the year, the Office organizes a series of activities to contribute to the development and implementation of personal development programs for students and enhance the overall quality of life in society.

Through these activities the Student Life Office aims to promote the OzU Way and culture. The Office endeavors to enrich the lives of students, make campus life easier for them, and create a stronger bond between students and the University.

How can we benefit from the services of the Student Life Office? Do we need to do anything extra?
The Office is open to all students anytime. For students wishing to work for the programs of the Office, the Office invites applications during the academic semester. Students are informed by the Office about any open positions via email.

How does the Student Life Office select its projects, and how can students join them?
The Office announces its social projects via email. Also, our students are always welcome to share their own projects with the Office anytime.

Once they complete their university enrollments, newly admitted students are automatically registered for the Orientation Program, Peer Advising Program, and Residence Life Program offered by our Office.

I have many questions about Community Engagement Projects. Whom can I contact?
For all your questions, you may contact us via email at duyarliozu@ozyegin.edu.tr or you may visit our webpage: duyarliozu.ozyegin.edu.tr.

We wish you all the best, and great success with your dreams and aspirations.