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Orientation Program

Orientation Program

Welcome to Özyeğin University! 

You are about to embark on one of the most transformational experiences of your life and we are excited to welcome you to OzU. 

The Orientation 2020 program will be posted soon. We are planning a virtual program so that all new students can participate fully. Please note that the Orientation Program is required for all new undergraduate students - new undergraduate students must be checked in by the first day of the Orientation and attend all of the required events throughout the program. With additional elective events, the Orientation Program is planned to introduce you to the rich academic, social, and cultural life at OzU.

Orientation can feel like a whirlwind, with a full schedule of activities, seminar registration, and excitement. Remember while you are participating in orientation, you will be preparing for your college career, and maybe meet your new best friends. Make the most out of orientation as we introduce you to the “OzU Way” of being.

Click for the Step by Step Orientation program.