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Getting the Most Out of Orientation

Getting the Most Out of Orientation

You have finally reached here, the OzU Orientation Program, after going through the long and difficult processes from preparing for the university exam to waiting for the exam results! As you take your first steps on your journey at OzU, we are justifiably proud to have you among us as the OzU family.

In our Orientation Program, which awaits you in the next step of your journey, you will learn all about how university works. Below you'll find tips and advice we've created specifically to support your compliance process and ensure you get the most out of this experience.

Make Friends!
Exchanging information with other students attending the orientation can make this unique experience much more enjoyable. It will be obvious, maybe the foundations of a lifelong friendship are laid in Orientation.

Follow the Program!
Don't miss any event by following our website during the Orientation Program. (orientation.ozyegin.edu.tr). Make sure you log in to online events with your OzU username and password so you don't miss any events.

Get to Know Your Peer Advisor!
Peer Advisors will be an excellent resource for you during both your orientation and your first year of university experience and will be happy to answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate department.

Meet Your Faculty Academic Advisor!
By meeting your Faculty Academic Advisor, who will guide you in your academic life and share their experiences, you will have established a strong bond from the first day of university.

Explore Our Campus!
You may experience the unique and green campus of our university in a virtual environment, we recommend you to join our 360° Campus Virtual Tour.(https://360.ozyegin.edu.tr/)