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Peer Advising Program

Peer Advising Program

The Peer Advising Program is designed to help students make an easier transition to Özyeğin University in their first year on campus. 

Starting university comes with its own peculiar challenges:

  • Meeting new people, 
  • Adapting to courses, 
  • Developing new ways of studying, 
  • Understanding different expectations from the professors, 
  • Managing “free time”, 
  • Being introduced to new areas of independence, and a bunch of new additional responsibilities... 

But the adjustment can be made easier with the help of those who have had the same experiences and learned how things work. And that’s why we created the Peer Advising Program. Our Peer Advisors are volunteer students who are trained to share their own experiences with advisees. The Peer Advising Program aims to help new students learn the OzU Way. The Peer Advising Program ignites new friendships through which new students gain new knowledge, skills, and experiences, and see that they are not alone in the face of challenges.

Be a part of the OzU Peer Advising Program!

Eligible students must have completed at least 1 year in their Faculty at OzU.

As a volunteer Peer Advisor, you will not only have the opportunity to help new students adjust to life at OzU. You will also gain useful leadership skills that will help you in future work environments.

               *Team Building *Time Management * Leadership *Problem Solving

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Assist advisees with issues related to the life of a university student with non-academic challenges
  • Assist advisees with developing problem-solving skills
  • Assist advisees in understanding the requirements and procedures of their respective program(s) as well as the University overall
  • Direct advisees to relevant office, academic or administrative staff
  • Work with fellow Peer Advisors (based on Faculties) to plan group sessions/forums on selected topics