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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Hotel Management Program

The Advisory Board of HMAN Program at Özyeğin University sets a new standard for hospitality education in Turkey and abroad by being the first of its kind with a unique program, as it was developed during the initiation of the HMAN department on July 16, 2009.

Advisory Board Bylaws

 HMAN Program Advisory Board 

Being the first and only one in Turkey, the Hotel Management Program at Özyeğin University introduced several new initiatives on international level, prior to the launch the academic program. One of these is the composition and activation of the Hotel Management Program’s Advisory Board. Formed by active and leading doyens of the tourism and hospitality industry, the Hotel Management Advisory Board Members have been introduced during the press conference on 16 July 2009 and the mission and vision of the program are made public. Following the press conference, the Hotel Management Program Advisory Board got together for the first official meeting and started to carry out its duty.