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Giden Öğrenci

Giden Öğrenci


Özyeğin University was awarded the EUCX (Extended Erasmus University Charter) by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission in the 2009 round. Based on this Charter, starting from the 2009/10 academic year, Özyeğin students qualified for Erasmus mobility. In line with the application and evaluation procedures of the 2021- 27 project phase, Özyeğin University's Erasmus Charter for Higher Education has been renewed. 

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Erasmus+ Study Mobility 

Erasmus+ program offers the possibility of studying abroad in an EU country for a period of 3 to 12 months. Outgoing exchange students are responsible for paying their regular tuition fees at Özyeğin, and benefit from the tuition fee waiver at the host institution. It is recommended that undergraduate OzU students apply for an exchange semester in their second year. OzU graduate students are recommended to apply in their first year of their studies. 

Application Criteria

The International Office opens applications for participation in the Erasmus exchange at the end of each Fall semester. The minimum application criteria is 2.20/4.00 CGPA for undergraduate students, 3.00/4.00 CGPA for the graduate students, having completed one semester, registering for the Erasmus Language Exam (ELE) and get min. 60/100 points from the exam.

In order to become eligible for participation, students must complete their freshman/first year of studies in their diploma program.

In line with the Erasmus+ program rules, participants must be full-time students who have not obtained all the credits required for the completion of their diploma/degree and who have a course load of minimum 30 ECTS/semester.
(Uygulama El Kitabı, Sayfa 6: Tam zamanlı öğrenci, henüz diploma/derecesinin gerektirdiği çalışmalarını (kredilerini) tamamlamamış ve bir yarıyılda 30 Avrupa Kredi Transfer Sistemi (AKTS) kredisi karşılığı ders yükü olduğu öngörülen öğrencidir.)

Application Process 

You may review the announcement for 2021-22 Erasmus+ applications by clicking this link.

  • Submit your online application and institution selection,
    • Review the partner institutions,
    • Check the official websites of the partners and read practical information (academic calendar, course catalogues, accommodation, etc.),
    • Check any additional notes/presentations provided by the OzU IO.
  • Take the Erasmus+ Language Exam (ELE)
  • Evaluation is based on the Erasmus score. Erasmus Score = CGPA 50% + ELE Score 50% + if applicable, additional Turkish National Agency Additional Criteria. 
  • Ranking will be faculty based.

Additional Criteria

  • Students who have previously participated in the Erasmus+ program and students who withdrew after submitting the commitment form, will be deducted 10 points at the time of evaluations.
  • Students who wish to participate to the program in their countries of citizenship will be deducted 10 points.
  • Placed students who do not attend the meetings/orientation sessions, without a valid excuse will be deducted 5 points in the case of applying to the Erasmus program again. 
  • Placed students who do not inform OzU IO regarding the non-participation in mobility on time will be deducted 5 points in the case of applying to the Erasmus program again.
  • Students with disabilities will be given extra 10 points. You must submit “Disabled Identity Card” at the time of application.
  • Students who are the children of Veterans/Martyrs will be given extra 15 points. You must submit “Veteran/Martyr Identity Card” at the time of application.
  • Extra 10 points will be given to the students who submit an official letter based on Act No. 2828 on social services and child protection agency.

Additional Notes

Students who have benefitted from the Erasmus mobility activities (either study mobility or traineeship mobility) may participate in Erasmus+ program multiple times as long as the total mobility period does not exceed 12 months.

For programs that are offered by the partner institutions in any language other than English, students will be asked to submit national/international language scores in accordance with the host institutions' requirements before being nominated.

Erasmus applicants must complete the official documents such as Learning Agreement, Erasmus Grant/Mobility AgreementCertificate of Attendance and Participant's Report. For academic recognition, applicants must fill out the Learning Agreement signed by both the host institution and OzU. The Learning Agreement guarantees the transfer and recognition of credits earned during exchange.

Placed applicants who submit their commitment form on time will be officially nominated by OzU International Office to the host institutions. Only then, students will apply directly to the host institution to be an exchange student. Applicants are responsible for following deadlines, housing reservations, health insurance and so forth. Final admission is at the discretion of the partner institution and is never guaranteed. Upon receiving the acceptance letter from the host institution, students must apply for a student visa. OzU International Office will provide eligible students an official visa support letter. The visa application process is solely the responsibility of the students. Please be aware that there might be a separate residence permit application for the host country.

Erasmus exchange students should use the Learning Agreement "during the mobility" page and bring back the Learning Agreement together with the Certificate of Attendance at the end of the exchange semester. Students must submit their EU Participant's Report online along with the other necessary forms in order to be considered for the remaining 20% of the mobility grant and to complete their exchange term. Based on students' attendance certificates and passport information, the actual dates of the study mobility will be recalculated by the EU Mobility Tool.

Transfer of credits earned during exchange towards the Özyeğin University graduation requirements can only be completed after the official transcript from the host institution has been received and respective decision has been taken by the Faculty/School/Institute Board. Failing to submit required documents on time may adversely affect and create delays in various procedures.

Mobility Grants

Erasmus mobility grant allocations are announced by the Turkish National Agency late summer each year. Once the allocations are announced, the OzU International Office makes an announcement to all placed students regarding the recipients of the mobility grants. These grants are limited, thus they cannot be guaranteed to every student who has been placed as an exchange student. The granted student are determined only by the students' rankings in each faculty. The ranking is determined by the Erasmus score. If a student receives a grant, the monthly amount given depends on the host country, and the student can be funded for four months at most. It is important to note that the mobility grants are meant to support students partially and will not cover all expenses. Students will need additional funding from alternative sources even if they become eligible to receive a grant.

Erasmus study mobility grant eligibility will be based on the budget allocated by the Turkish National Agency. Not all students are eligible and students can participate in the Erasmus program as zero grant students. Zero grant students must fulfill all student mobility criteria to benefit from all advantages of being an Erasmus+ student.

Students who qualify for mobility grants have to sign a grant agreement and agree to undertake the responsibilities that are mentioned in the agreement. Mobility grants are calculated before the mobility based on predictive study period dates. After the mobility, the grants will be recalculated by taking into consideration the actual study period, in accordance with entry/exit stamps in the passport and the certificate of attendance issued by the host institution. If the student does not fulfill the minimum academic criteria and submit the mandatory documents on time; the student may not receive the remaining grant or may be asked to pay back a portion of the allocated grant. 80% of the mobility grant will be paid to eligible students at the beginning of the exchange semester. Students who fulfill all the requirements (relevant documentation, academic success etc.) will be considered for the remaining 20% of the mobility grant. 

You may find the table below which shows the regional mobility grant distribution which will be applied from the academic year 2021-22. The allocation varies from year to year and is dependent on the European Commission and Turkish National Agency's budget proposal.

Group of countries

Host country 

Monthly grant for study mobility

Group 1 & 2 program countries with higher living costs

Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Luxembourg, Iceland, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Portugal, Malta

600 €

Group 3 program countries with lower living costs

Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey

450 €

Additional Grant for Disadvantaged Students

Students who are economically disadvantaged may receive an additional grant. The monthly amount of additional grant is 250 EUR. In order to benefit from this additional grant according to the program rules, students must have financial support from the official authorities for themselves or their mother/father. Students must apply to the International Office with the official document provided by Municipalities, Public Institutions or Official Public Organizations attesting that they benefit from the official financial support. 

Online Linguistic Support

The Online Linguistic Support will be gradually implemented in the course of the Program for all stuyd mobility activities lasting three months and longer. Such online support is made available by the European Commission to selected students, with a view to assess their competence in the language they will use to study or carry out their traineeships abroad. This tool will also offer them, where necessary, the possibility to improve the knowledge of the language before and/or during the mobility period. For more information on language assessments and courses click here

Students with Special Needs

To ensure that a person whose individual physical, mental or health-related conditions are such that his/her participation in Erasmus+ would not be possible without extra financial support can take full advantage of European mobility arrangements, Erasmus+ pays particular attention to guidance, reception, physical accessibility, pedagogical and technical support services, and, especially, financing the extra costs. Students who plan to apply special needs support must submit their applicaiton to the International Office before their mobility. The applications must include a statement from an official authority confirming the disability or health condition, its severity, the impact on the Erasmus+ mobility, additional requirements and additional costs. Estimated costs are required at the time of application.

You may review the details by clicking Financial Support for Special Needs. If you have any questions or would like apply for this grant, please contact us: international.relations@ozu.edu.tr 

Necessary Forms and Documents for Outgoing Erasmus Exchange Students: 
Please click here to review the Erasmus Outgoing Student Predeparture Checklist

Before Exchange:

  • Online Application for Erasmus+ Study Mobility through the KION application system
  • Submitting Commitment Form 
  • Applying to Host Institution 
  • Preparing Learning Agreement approved by all parties
  • Submitting Visa & Residence Permit copy
  • Purchasing Health Insurance Policy 
  • Taking OLS 1st assessment
  • Signing Grant/Mobility Agreement
  • Reading Erasmus Student Charter

During Exchange:

  • Preparing Learning Agreement-During the Mobility page
  • Submitting Certificate of Arrival
  • Following the OLS course (if applicable)

After Exchange:

  • Submitting Certificate of Attendance
  • Submitting Passport copy (entry-exit stamp pages)
  • Taking OLS 2nd assessment
  • Completing Participant's Report
  • Filling out Evaluation Form

OzU students can contact us via email: international.relations@ozu.edu.tr