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Jonathan Bennett
University of Alberta, Canada

“The culture in Istanbul is second-to-none being the bridge between the East and the West. It has been an absolutely amazing experience – a melting pot of cultures you could say, both in the university and also all over the city. Everyone wants to help you, especially on campus whether it is the professors, students, or the International Office. Istanbul is amazing itself and then there are so many other places to see in Turkey too because everything is so close by. Also a good thing to note is the campus is a little bit isolated and we are not in the heart of the city center. There are tons of shuttles that run many times during the day, so you could go to different parts of the city anytime. It has helped us feel super safe and secure on campus. The security to get in and the security at the dorms has also kind of helped ease any tensions we may have had before coming. Knowing that the dorms were guaranteed for every exchange student who came in really helped with hindering any anxiety or nervousness as well. With the help of the Erasmus Student Network and the International Office, we have coordinated with other universities and have done different activities whether it is the tour we did when we first arrived here on campus, bowling, and karaoke every two weeks, which was probably one of the best things we did together. You may have some hesitations about coming to Turkey whatever your reasons may be, but I think once you jump through that hurdle, once you actually just get on the plane and make that step to actually come here, your experience 100% will be second-to-one from any experience you have had in your whole life. Honestly, the people that we met here have made this experience absolutely incredible. We made life-long friendships that are going to continue for hopefully many years to come. Choose Turkey, choose Ozyegin!”

Hamza Afzal
University of Texas at Dallas, USA

“I chose Istanbul because it is a perfect hub for business and also because of its culture. Ever since we got here, everyone has been completely nice to us. They helped us in every single way possible, the professors, the students. Overall the dorms are really nice. You have your own personal gym in the common area, pool tables, study rooms, and some cafeterias that have good quality food, especially for dorm standards. If you want to see the nature or if you just want to see some city life, you have it all just right there in one spot for you. We travelled to Izmir, Bursa, Cappadocia, and Pamukkale just to name a few. Every place we have been to was completely different from the other. That is what I think is unique about Turkey is that no matter where you go, you are going to find something different. We have always had the help of our Turkish friends here, and they have helped us through everything, and it has made this whole process easy for us. It is just the little things we have seen in Istanbul that have made it the best experience we have had, It truly is the experience of a lifetime.”

Manuel Aires
ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

“I chose Istanbul because I am from Portugal and we had a lot of agreements with other European schools so I thought it would be more interesting and challenging to choose a different country and it was really good. Every week we saw new places and we probably did not even see everything in 6 months. I think the most challenging part was probably the language because inside the university everyone speaks English, but outside the university some people do not really speak English fluently. That is why I think it is important to learn small words in Turkish like just the numbers to buy things and to be able to understand some words will help. If you really are in trouble, a lot of people will help you from the university or the buddy students so it is not that difficult to overcome that obstacle. The university makes sure that no one feels left out even if you don’t speak Turkish, so that is a positive thing. I stayed in the dorms with two Turkish roommates, which I think was good because sometimes we hang out a lot with other international students, so it helped in being interactive with Turkish people, and they helped me with whatever I needed. Overall it was a good experience to be with them.”

Shermine Asani
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

“I wanted to go abroad because I wanted to be on my own for a while to see if I can manage my life. I chose Istanbul because, first of all, I really liked the courses that Ozyegin offered, and I also wanted to see Istanbul because it is like the Middle East but a more modern version. I really enjoyed it here at Ozyegin. People were very nice and warm and friendly; they approached me very quickly. I made friends easily here, which I really enjoyed. Also the professors were very nice. They are very helpful here; if you have a problem everyone can help you. I really like the campus as well. There are many facilities including a pool, fitness center, hairdresser, and so many other things. It is very nice that there is a cleaning service in the dorms. It is so nice that you could go from the dormitory to the school in just five minutes. I really enjoyed Istanbul because it is very alive and stores close very late at night. I did paragliding in Tekirdag and balloon flight in Cappadocia. I advise future students coming in the fall semester to travel more in the beginning because it gets cold later in the semester and in the beginning you do not have that much homework or that much to study, so you have more time to enjoy your stay and see other places. I would also advise them to go to other places in Turkey on the weekends. I wish I knew about Ozyegin earlier because I would have just started my whole bachelor study here. I would not get tired of this place. I love the campus, I love the people. The experience has given me so many thoughts and ideas about how to perceive the world and face situations, and I am very grateful for that.”

Ömer Polat
Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Mosbach, Germany

“I have chosen Istanbul because it is a big city with great diversity in terms of cultures and people. In addition to that, Constantinople was a big city of Byzantine and has a long history. It is also mentioned in the Kuran-i-Kerim, which in my eyes is very fascinating. Istanbul is equal to the great Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is a city you never get enough of – it is a city with its own globe. I have chosen Ozyegin because it is ranked in the top 10 of the best universities in Turkey and Ozyegin had an agreement with DHBW. The highlight of my experience has been the taste of Turkish meals – I love all of them. Furthermore, Galatasaray got more important for me – the atmosphere in the TT Arena was unbelievably amazing! I also have to mention the astonishing view of the Bosphorus. My favorite class was Macroeconomics – it was easy to follow and I have learned a lot of stuff which is also relevant for ‘daily life’ – I am able to speak a couple of languages so I did not have any difficulties in terms of communication.”

Akira Sugai
Yokohama National University, Japan
“My experience as an exchange student at Ozyegin University (OzU) was totally fabulous. That’s undoubtedly because of two things: OzU and this beautiful country, Turkey. First, education offered by OzU is very sophisticated. All the instructors whom I met here were enthusiastic and their lessons were interesting. I felt so comfortable while studying here thanks to modern facilities and Learning Management System (LMS), where I got to know everything about my courses online. Second, I got amazed by this country itself. I really enjoyed walking down the lively streets and seeing the picturesque scenery of Istanbul. Also, I loved Turkish cuisine. I did not feel any danger while staying on campus thanks to security services. The most important thing is that here people will kindly help you whenever you have a problem even if you cannot speak Turkish. That made my stay in Turkey truly wonderful. In the end, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been involved with me here.”


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