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Makina Mühendisliği Doktora Yeterlilik Sınavı

Makina Mühendisliği Doktora Yeterlilik Sınavı

Ph.D. Qualifier Exam in ME
Exam Procedure
The Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. qualifier exam is comprised of written and oral parts. The qualifier exam (both written and oral parts) is to measure a student’s readiness for PhD level research. The written part of the exam is to examine the fundamental knowledge of a Ph.D. student in his/her area of research. The oral exam is to assess a student’s engineering and scientific approach, as well as problem solving skills.
In the written exam, a student decides which three areas out of the eight listed below he/she needs to be evaluated. In each area of the exam there will be at least four (4) questions, prepared by at least by two faculty members. Depending on the exam area, Mechanical Engineering Department may ask faculty members from other departments to contribute.
The student will be expected to have a short presentation about his/her research field and answer technical questions in the oral exam.
The ME PhD Qualifier Oral Exam Jury will include at least five faculty members (2 of the jury members must be from another University).  Student’s advisor may participate in the oral exam jury. If a student has 2 advisors, co-advisor of the student may participate to the jury as the 6th member but he/she does not have the right to vote.

Topics and Related Courses for the Written Exam 
Area-1 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics
Area-2 Control Systems
(ME 312)
Area-3 Thermodynamics
(ME 202)
Area-4 Heat Transfer
Area-5 Mechanical Design
(ME 334)

Area-6 Solid Mechanics
(ME 212)

Area-7 Materials

(ME 256)

Area-8 Fluid Mechanics

(ME 321) 

Success Criteria 
·         A student must get at least 50% from three areas of the written exam. All three areas contribute equally to the written exam score. The overall passing grade for the written exam is 60%. A student who passes the written exam has right to enter oral exam. Oral exam will be given within 30 days of the written exam.
·         Each faculty taking part in the oral exam must give either a Pass or a Fail grade. The student passes the oral exam if he/she gets more Pass than Fail grades. Those who pass the qualifier exam will be considered as a PhD candidate.
·         A failed qualifier exam part must be repeated in the following semester. If the student passes the written exam with minimum grade, he/she may enter only oral exam for the next semester. If he/she requests to retake the written exam in next semester, he/she may but the last grade will be considered as the written exam score.
Ph.D. Qualification Exam Dates
The written exam for the 2022-23 Spring semester will be on May 08, 2023 - Monday.
The oral exam for a semester must be given within a period of one week to one month after that semester’s written exam.


Until the last day of Add/DropThe student must register to ME 900 - Ph.D. Qualifier Exam, course.
At least one month before the date of the written examThe student must select three areas from the list given below and inform via email the Chairperson of the ME Ph.D. Qualifier Exam Committee.
One week before the written examThe student will submit a one-page statement describing his/her research field of interest via email to the Chairperson of the ME Ph.D. Qualifier Exam Committee.
One week after the written examThe student can contact the Chairperson of the Committee  to learn the oral exam jury members.
Within one month after written examOral exam executed and exam results are announced.

ME Ph.D. Qualification Exam Committee

Assist. Prof. R. Barkan Uğurlu (Chairperson)
Assist. Prof. Polat Şendur
Assist. Prog. Özgür Ertunç
Assoc. Prof. Güney Güven Yapıcı
Assist. Prof. Özkan Bebek