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07.02.2018 - 07.02.2018

İşletme Fakültesi Seminerler Serisi/ Erik Den Hartigh

Title: The Resource-Based View and Performance: Internal and External Resources, Nonlinear effects and Causal ambiguities

The aim of the talk is to determine whether to continue with this project, and if so, how?

Background: this is a chapter from a PhD study in which we found ‘strange’ results on the effects of resources on firm performance. We're not sure why: either the results are indeed strange or the data/method/execution was not sufficient. In any case, it's unpublishable in its current form.

We now re-conceptualized the theoretical study to make it potentially more interesting/publishable.

Our main questions: 1) go on with the project or not? 2) if go on, then broad or focused? 3) if focused, which effects seem most interesting? 4) if broad, how to deal with multicollinearity issues etc.?

Yer : AB2-345 nolu Toplantı Odası