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  • Ara27

    Tarih: 27 Aralık 2019 - Cuma Saat: 13:30-15:00 Yer: AB2, Toplantı Odası 345   Title: Competition and the Value of Voting Rights

  • Ara26

    Tarih: 26 Aralık 2019 - Perşembe Saat: 10:00-11:30 Yer: AB2, Toplantı Odası: 345   Title: A Trade-Based Misallocation Index Abstract: This paper, based on a model of trade in the presence of sectoral distortions,...

  • Ara25

    Tarih: 25 Aralık 2019 - Çarşamba Saat: 13:30-15:00 Yer: AB2, Toplantı Odası: 345   Title: Competitive-intelligence from public data: The service facility location problem Abstract: Facility location is...

  • Ara25

    Tarih: 25 Aralık 2019 - ÇarşambaSaat: 10:00-11:30Yer: AB2, Toplantı Odası: 345 Title: Household Debt, Consumption and InequalityAbstract: This paper examines the potential link between household credit shocks...

  • Ara19

    Tarih: 19 Aralık  2019 - Perşembe Saat: 12:30-14:00 Yer: AB2, Toplantı Odası345   Title: Commonality in International Equity Jump Risk Presenter: S. Mehmet Ozsoy (joint work with Biliana Guner)   Abstract: We...

  • Ara16

    Tarih: 16 Aralık  2019Saat: 10:30-12:00Yer: AB2, Toplantı Odası 345 Title: Understanding the Impact of Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Allegations on Company Performance Abstract: Human trafficking and modern day slavery...

  • Ara13

    Tarih: 13 Aralık, 2019 - CumaSaat: 13:30-15:00Yer: AB2, Toplantı Odası: 345 Title: Effects of Innovation, Business Relations and the Country Context on the Export Levels of Early Internationalizing EntrepreneursAbstract: We...

  • Ara10
  • Ara06

    Tarih: 6 Aralık 2019, CumaSaat: 13:30-15:00Yer: AB2, 345 nolu Toplantı Odası Title: Factors driving firms' focus of attention to forward- versus backward-looking aspirations in stratregic decision-making. Abstract: This study aims...

  • Ara06