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Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories




QOPTICS - Quantum Optics Group Laboratories Faculty member: Assistant Professor Kadir Durak

Entanglement tests with photon pairs, sources of entangled photon pairs, quantum cryptography, single photon technologies are the research subjects of this laboratory. 

AI@OZU -  Artificial Intelligence Labotarories   Faculty member: Associate Professor Erhan Öztop , Assistant Professor Reyhan Aydoğan

It is a common laboratory where Computer Engineering faculty members are conducting research in Artificial Intelligence field and allowing students to apply what they have learned in elective courses in this subject. Under the AI @ OZU, there are Intelligent Systems, Brain & Robotics, Statistical Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing labs. These research laboratories aim to develop all kinds of cognitive systems, intelligent software and hardware that will make our daily life easier and increase our productivity and to develop the theoretical models and innovative approaches required for them.

CCRG - Cloud Computing Research Group Laboratories   Faculty member: Prof. Dr. İsmail Arı 

CT&T - Communication Theory and Technologies   Faculty member: Prof. Dr. Murat Uysal

MEMS - Microelectromechanic Systems Laboratory   Faculty member: Associate Professor Göksenin Yaralıoğlu

nEMESysLab - Embedded and Microelectronic Systems Laboratory   Faculty member: Prof. Dr. Fatih Uğurdağ

OzURobotics Lab - Robotics Laboratory   Faculty member:  Associate Professor Erhan Öztop, Assistant Professor Özkan Bebek

ve Assistant Professor Barkan Uğurlu

SRL - Software Research Laboratory   Faculty member:  Associate Professor Hasan Sözer

Speech and Natural Language Processing Lab   Faculty member: Assistant Professor Cenk Demiroğlu

SpAdvanced Materials, Thin Films and CMP Laboratory 

Vibrations and Acoustics Laboratory   Faculty member: Assistant Professor Polat Şendur


Developmental Psychology   Faculty member: Assistant Professor Deniz Tahiroğlu

OzU Research Participation System   Faculty member: Assistant Professor Sinem Atakan ve Assistant Professor Begüm Güney

OzUGRN - Gender Research Network   Faculty member: Dr. Çimen Günay-Erkol, Dr. Senem Timuroğlu

RRL Lab -  Relationship Research Lab   Faculty member: Assistant Professor Nilüfer Kafescioğlu, Assistant Professor Gizem Arıkan

ve Associate Professor Asiye Kumru

Cognitive Science Laboratory   Faculty member: Assistant Professor Alper Açık, Assistant Professor Emrah Aktunç

1-Complex cognition   info : https://www.emrahaktunc.net 

2-Perception and action studies