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Student Personal Accident Insurance

Student Personal Accident Insurance

Our students are covered under a personal accident insurance plan to help them pay medical bills resulting from any accident that may occur on campus. Renewed each academic semester, our personal accident insurance plans are classified in two categories: Personal Accident Insurance Plan, which covers all students, and Personal Athletic Accident Insurance Plan, which covers all our certified student athletes.

In case of any on-campus accident, students must prepare the following documents about the accident in consultation with their faculties or administrative units, and apply to the Administrative Services Unit. (In case of an on-campus accident, all students are required to fill out the incident report. For athletic accidents, student athletes must consult the Athletic Center, and for non-athletic accidents, students must consult their faculty secretaries to fill out the incident report. A sample incident report is provided below.)

  • The student’s statement (The student must provide a detailed description of the accident. The statement must include the exact date and time of the accident, the student’s student number, mobile phone number, bank account details, and physical signature.)
    Please click here for a sample.
  • Incident Report (must be prepared and signed by the respective faculty secretary’s office or administrative unit head)
    Please click here for a sample.
  • Epicrisis/Discharge Report
  • Medical imaging or test results, if any (MR, X-Ray, test results etc.)
  • Hospital bill.

The Administrative Services Unit serves 24/7 to provide quick and effective solutions to ease stakeholders’ lives on campus.