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Rules of Use for the Athletic Center

Rules of Use for the Athletic Center

  1. These rules are prepared for your ease and convenience pursuant to international standards and general principles of hygiene.
  2. Although regular physical exercise is necessary for a healthy body, exercise might not be good for everyone at all times. You must submit  a clean bill of health in order to work out in the Athletic Center. You are responsible for your own condition during your workout. Özyeğin University will not be held responsible for any medical problems that may occur during your workout.
  3. Exercise is not advised for people with heart or liver failure, epilepsy, circulation problems. Those suffering from any of the above medical conditions are not allowed to do exercise in the Athletic Center unless they inform and obtain the prior consent of the Athletic Center Management.
  4. Pets or personal items including toys and personal sports items are not allowed.
  5. No food or drink is allowed.
  6. Appropriate athletic attire is required.
  7. You are responsible for any damage, loss, costs or expenses arising from your use of the Athletic Center facilities.
  8. Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited within the Athletic Center premises.
  9. You must adhere to the hygiene rules set forth by the Özyeğin University Athletic Center Management to keep the Athletic Center clean and hygienic at all times.
  10. Özyeğin University is not responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage that may occur within the Athletic Center premises.
  11. You must leave the Athletic Center promptly before the closing time.
  12. You must follow the instructions and directions of the staff on duty. Participants failing to do so will be escorted out of the Center.
  13. You are advised not to bring any valuable possessions into the Center. The Özyeğin University Athletic Center Management is not responsible for any loss or damage to your personal items.