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Öğrenciler İçin

Öğrenciler İçin

Code of Academic Integrity

Universities are academic institutions that are committed to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge while they also serve as centers for higher education and research. Successful accomplishment of this commitment is only possible with academic integrity. Academic integrity can be briefly described as honest and moral behavior in all academic settings, including the classroom. Without academic integrity, that is, in the absence of honesty and morality in academic conduct, individuals and organizations in academia lose their trustworthiness, credibility and reputation. Accordingly, for a university to fulfill its function in society, it cannot tolerate academic dishonesty and misconduct. Özyeğin University’s Code of Ethics (https://www.ozyegin.edu.tr/en/about-us/principles-and-policies/code-ethics) requires strict adherence to academic integrity on the part of all members. More >>>


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