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Information on Data Protection and Processing at Özyeğin Univesity

Information on Data Protection and Processing at Özyeğin Univesity

Özyeğin University takes the highest level of security measures to make sure that your personal data are collected, maintained, and disclosed in accordance with the law without any prejudice to its confidentiality.

Our primary objective is to inform you about the methods employed to collect your personal data, the purposes and legal reasons for which your personal data are processed, and your legal rights, in the most transparent way for your satisfaction as per Article 10 of the “Law No: 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data”.

a) Data Controller

Özyeğin University, as the Data Controller, may collect and process your personal data for the purposes explained below pursuant to the Law No: 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter “Law No: 6698”).

Your personal data can be collected for the following purposes:

  • To allow our units to fulfill their roles and responsibilities to help you benefit from our University’s services, to promote our University and its activities, and to offer access to our University’s goods and services,
  • To fulfill the educational, inspectional, or any  other miscellaneous roles and responsibilities required by the Higher Education Law, the relevant secondary regulations, and the Higher Education Council (YÖK), to maintain teaching, learning scientific, research, publishing, and consulting activities at Özyeğin University, to establish educational rights arising from the higher education legislation and the University’s internal rules and regulations, to prepare and issue ID Cards, and to complete academic and administrative procedures,
  • To list, report, verify, analyze, and evaluate; to produce statistical and scientific information; to analyze your usage patterns on our website, mobile applications, and other communication channels, and to customize these channels,
  • To protect the rights and liabilities of the OzU students interning at the OzU departments or external institutions, and ensure that these rights and liabilities are duly satisfied.
  • Your personal data may also be used to meet legal obligations and the demands or requirements of judicial or authorized regulatory bodies including to maintain the safety of life and property of Özyeğin University students/faculty/staff/visitors, and to ensure compliance with the requirements stipulated hereunder. To this end, your personal data can be transferred to the IT infrastructure or cloud computing systems, or archived in electronic or physical media in order to meet the legal obligations by taking the necessary security and legal measures.
  • If you are a member of one of the student clubs at the University, your personal data pertaining to any association, foundation, or NGO that your club has partnered or is affiliated with may be processed, and where necessary, be disclosed to the legally authorized public institutions and natural persons so that the University can keep the legally required records.
  • Your personal data can be processed to study and improve our services to offer you better choices, to contact you for market research through the communication channels you directly shared with us, to complete and maintain your enrollment at the University, to manage, and improve the University’s business and academic processes, or offer access to these services for academic purposes, including but not limited to:
    • To execute the University’s Human Resources policies, and to that end, to make sure all operations are performed and all open positions are filled in line with the University’s human resources policies, and  the roles and responsibilities are duly satisfied and the necessary measures are duly taken within the framework of the Labor Law, the Social Security Law, and other miscellaneous labor legislations as well as occupational health and safety,
    • To fulfill the contractual obligations arising from contracts awarded with business partners/customers/suppliers (authorized or employees), to establish and protect rights, to undertake commercial and legal evaluation processes, to conduct legal and commercial risk analysis, to complete the legal compliance process, and to complete financial work in order to fulfill the legal and commercial obligations within the framework of the contracts awarded with or ongoing operations performed in cooperation with the real persons or legal entities that the University have business relations with.
    • To set and execute the University’s commercial and business strategies and to that end, to undertake the University’s financial operations, communication, market research and social responsibility activities, purchasing operations (purchasing requests, bid collection, evaluation, order, budgeting, contract), to perform internal system and application management operations, and to manage the University’s legal operations.

Your personal data will be processed for the above mentioned purposes as per the terms and conditions for data processing stipulated in Article 5 and 6 of Law No: 6698.

c) Disclosed Parties and Reasons for Disclosure

Your personal data may be disclosed to business partners, public authorities such as the Higher Education Council and the Social Security Institution, banks, legal authorities such as judicial bodies, and where permitted by the legislations, partner consultants, institutions, third parties, partner organizations, payment system institutions in order to maintain the University’s educational activities, ensure the legal and commercial safety of the people with whom our University has a business relationship, to ensure physical security and inspection both indoors and outdoors at the University’ facilities and buildings, undertake the legal compliance processes, perform financial work, or to determine and execute commercial and business strategies within the framework of the terms and conditions for personal data processing stipulated in Article 8 and 9 of the Law No:6698.

ç) Personal Data Collection Methods and Legal Reasons

Your personal data are collected through written/online applications submitted via websites, social media, call centers, printed forms, the inquiry of criminal records, the Social Security registrations, Post Office, website usage patterns, or channels via which our University has contacted or will contact you. Collected personal data are kept for a legal period defined by the effective laws.

Any personal data collected through the above mentioned methods may also be processed and disclosed for the  purposes stipulated in Article (b) and (c) of this Information document in line with the terms and conditions for data processing specified in Article 5 and 6 of Law No:6698.

d) Rights of Data Owner as per Article 11 of Law No: 6698

In a case where you submit a request regarding your rights as data owners, our University will proceed and conclude your request free of charge within 30 days depending on the nature of the request. However, should the request entail a separate cost, the University may charge the corresponding fees listed in the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board. On this note, data owners are entitled to the following:

  • To learn whether or not their personal data have been processed,
  • If processed, to request information about such processing,
  • To inquire the reason for why their personal data are processed and whether or not their data have been used for the intended purposes,
  • To know the third persons to whom their personal data have been disclosed at home or abroad,
  • To request correction if there is anything incomplete or incorrect regarding their personal data, or if the data have already been transferred to third parties, to request that such corrections are performed by the respective third parties,
  • To have such data erased, or deleted in a case where the reasons for the processing such data are no longer valid, even if such data have been processed in accordance with the provisions of the Law No:6698 and other relevant laws, or if they have already been transferred, ask that this request is submitted to the third party that received the personal data,
  • To object to any negative consequences that might arise out of or in connection with an analysis performed on the processed personal data, using exclusively automated systems,
  • To demand compensation as per effective laws for any losses incurred due to the illegal processing of their personal data.

As per Article 13, clause 1 of the Law No:6698, you may submit your request to our University either in writing or any other method identified by the Personal Data Protection Board in order exercise your above mentioned rights.  As the Personal Data Protection Board has not specified any methods yet at this point, you must submit your requests to our University in writing as per the Law No: 6698. You may find below the channels and procedures by which you may submit your application to our University in writing as per Article 11 of the Law No: 6698:

In order to exercise your above mentioned rights, you may place a request at Özyeğin University. All requests must be submitted using the Data Owner Application Form available in the Özyeğin University website. All the required fields on the form should be filled and the form must be signed. Your request must also include all of the required identification information and should explicitly specify that you wish to exercise your rights granted in Article 11 of the Law No: 6698. You may submit the signed Data Owner Application Form either in person, or through a notary public, or other methods specified in the Law No:6698 to Özyeğin University, Nişantepe District, Alemdağ/Çekmeköy, 34794, or you may email your form to ozyeginuniversitesi@hs01.kep.tr with your electronic signature.