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Emergency Management

Emergency Management

All (sudden) incidents that may affect the every day lives of students, employees, neighbors, and families or daily operations of Özyeğin University are considered an emergency or a disaster. By definition,  emergencies and disasters require a well-coordinated and immediate response by a team of trained professionals.

As part of its mission and principles, Özyeğin University endeavors to take every necessary action to prevent, be prepared for, and recover from any emergencies.In building our campus buildings, all emergencies were taken into consideration. Furthermore, additional measures were taken against the risk of fire. Emergency drills are conducted periodically throughout the year. Our stakeholders are offered emergency response training and emergency response teams are formed.

Emergency phones have been placed across campus to maintain the flow of communication during emergencies. The Security Center is in charge of ensuring communication via emergency hotlines and coordinating the emergency response process. In case of an emergency, pick up the emergency phone and introduce yourself. Explain the emergency and share your exact location so that the Security Center staff can send the emergency response teams (fire fighting, protection, rescue, first-aid) to the scene right away.


Extension: 9 911

Full Number:  0 216 564 9911

Emergency Teams

Emergency Policy (27.01.2021)

Responsibilities Before and During an Emergency

Prior to any emergency, all faculty, staff, and students are expected to:

  • Review the emergency evacuation/escape plans,
  • Attend drills,
  • Know and adhere to the emergency response plans,
  • Take part in training sessions,
  • Report any incidents they witness or become aware of,
  • Ensure their own well-being and safety first in case of an emergency,
  • Follow the instructions and directions of authorized teams in emergencies.


When you hear an emergency/drill announcement:

  • Do not panic, and evacuate the building. Follow the emergency exit signs and go to the nearest muster point,
  • Adhere to the instructions of the emergency response teams and floor wardens,
  • Follow the instructions of the staff at the muster point,
  • Do not re-enter the building unless you hear the all-clear announcement,
  • Report any problems you may notice to the units in charge.