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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been admitted to Özyeğin University and I will come from another city. How and when can I complete my dormitory registration?

Dormitory registrations of all newly admitted students will be accepted at the registration desk of the Accommodation Services Management during enrollment. Enrollment dates, application documents and all other details will be provided in the Enrollment Package to be mailed to all admitted students by our university.   

  • To be eligible for dormitory registrations, all students must first complete their university enrollments.

I stayed at the dorm in the previous semester and now I am re-applying. Which documents should I bring?

Current residents are only required to complete and save the online application form.  If the addresses they previously provided to the university have changed, they should notify the Accommodation Services Management of their new addresses within the dormitory application period.

Can I use my enrollment documents for my dormitory application?

Dormitory application documents are listed separately in the information packages sent by the university. Even if the documents listed are the same, a separate set should be prepared for each department. For instance, it is impossible to use a single copy of an ID card both for university enrollment and dormitory registration. 

How do you prioritize dormitory applications?

The priority is given to recipients of housing scholarships and students whose families reside out of Istanbul. Once these students are placed, if there is any available capacity left in our dorms, then students whose families reside in Istanbul are also placed in our dorms based on the distance of their residences to our campus. (In case different students asked for the same room type, then students are prioritized and placed according to their application date and time.)

Can all students get the room they requested on the application form?

Our dorms have rooms for one, two, three and four persons. Rooms are designated based on available capacity and the aforementioned order of priority.

What should I do if I miss the dormitory application period? Can I apply later?

Should there be any available capacity in the dorms, new applications are invited for students who have missed the dormitory application period. Students are informed via their OzU emails about late applications.

Can I choose my own room mate when I apply for the dorms?

If you specify the name and surname of the person you wish to be your room mate in your online application form, we will do our best to meet your request based on our available capacity and the order of priority.

Can I change my room if I cannot get along with my room mate?

You can apply to change your roommate only once in a semester via email at yurt@ozyegin.edu.tr.  We will do our best to meet your request at the earliest convenience based on our available capacity.

When can I check in? When can I check out?

Check-in and check-out dates are determined by the Accommodation Services Management each year according to the academic calendar. Students who are admitted to the dormitories can check in their rooms after duly completing their dormitory registrations and signing the necessary forms within the dates announced by the Accommodation Services Management.
The checkout dates are announced to students at the end of each semester. Students may also check out from the dormitories at any time during the academic year at their own discretion for  various reasons by completing the necessary checkout procedures.

Will I be refunded if I check out?

  • Students who cancel their dorm registrations before checking in their designated rooms are fully refunded for their room fees.
  • Students who check out by the end of the fourth week following the start of the classes specified in the academic calendar are refunded 50% for the room fees they paid for the relevant semester.
  • Students who check out after the end of the fourth week are not refunded.
  • Students who are suspended from the dormitories are not refunded.

Refunds for Security Deposit: Students who complete their checkout procedures and return their room keys/cards must visit the Dormitory Management Office to fill out the form for security deposit refunds. Such students are refunded either fully or partially for the security deposit they previously paid depending on whether or not there are any damages to the room and its content. If the student has damaged the room or its content, the cost of damage is calculated and deducted from the security deposit.
Do I need to do anything to check out when the academic year ends?
Students must vacate their room, and must visit the Dormitory Management Office to return their room keys/cards and fill out the form for security deposit refunds. Should it be determined that the student has damaged the room or its content, the student is notified and the cost of damage is   deducted from the security deposit.
I study at Özyeğin University. My sibling has been admitted to another university in Istanbul. Can I stay with my sibling at the Özyeğin University dormitories?

Özyeğin University dormitories are only open to Özyeğin University students. No students/guests are allowed in the Özyeğin University dormitories other than Özyeğin University students.
Can an Özyeğin University student who is not a resident of OzU dorms stay in my room during the exam period, under bad weather conditions or after parties?

All residents must have the permission of the Accommodation Services Management to have an overnight guest. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of the visiting rules. Under any circumstances, residents must send their overnight guest requests to the Accommodation Services Management along with the approval e-mail of their roommates within the office hours and act according to the answer given to their requests.  

Where can I keep my personal belongings in the room?
Unfortunately we do not have a storage unit where you can keep the items you do not need during the semester. Only for summer, students may leave up to 2 pieces of luggage by signing the luggage storage form. However these items must be claimed back at the beginning of the semester. The Accommodation Services Management is not responsible for unclaimed luggage.
Can I get some help to carry my stuff?
Unfortunately, the Accommodation Services Management does not have any staff who can help you move your luggage and other belongings into your rooms. Therefore all students are personally responsible for carrying their own luggage.
Can I stay in the dorms during the summer term?
Summer school students as well as students who complete their summer internships or participate in certain projects may stay in the rooms assigned by the Accommodation Services Management upon the approval of their faculties. The application period and procedures are announced to students via email.
Can my parents, siblings or friends stay in my room?
Non-residents are not allowed in our dorms.  
Sometimes the office is locked during daytime/at night. How can I reach the dorm staff?
The staff may occassionally leave the office to check the rooms and floors or to respond to an issue, and when they do, they have to lock the office. However, our staff always keep their DECT phones with them and you can always reach our dorm staff using our emergency telephones on the corridors.
Is there any place on-campus that I can visit for my medical problems?
Our campus has a health center where our physicians and nurses provide 24/7 service. Our medical staff serve at the health center in the Student Center from 07:00 to 19:00, and on the Floor -2 in Dorm 3 from 19:00 to 07:00. All registered students of Özyeğin University may also consult to our Health Center for all their medical problems via phone at 0216 564 91 12. We also have 24/7 ambulance service to refer our students to general hospitals when necessary.  
Once assigned to a room, can I stay in the same room until graduation?
Students are required to vacate their rooms and check out at the end of each academic year or move to new rooms assigned to them for the summer school. Students are assigned to a different room by the system each year based on the room assignment criteria.
While I stay in the dorm during the Fall semester, do I need to apply again for the Spring semester?
Students who are placed in the dorms in the Fall semester do not need to apply again if they plan to continue to stay in the dorms in the Spring semester as well. 
Why do I need to vacate my room at the end of each academic year? Can’t I just leave my belongings in my room during summer and can’t I continue to stay in my room or move to another room when I return from my summer vacation?
Our dorms undergo and require major renovations and repairs as they serve students throughout the academic year. To accommodate you with comfortable, renovated, and well-kept dormitories, we schedule our renovations and repairs for the summer when we have the lowest fill rate. During summer, painting, maintenance, cleaning, disinfestation and renovation works are carried out. Furthermore, rooms are reassigned each year by the system according to the room assignment criteria and the year of the students.
Do I need to vacate my room for the semester break?
Students are not required to vacate their rooms during the semester break. They may keep their belongings in their rooms during the semester break provided that they do not leave any valuable or fragile items behind and they leave their rooms tidy. However, the Accommodation Services Management will not be held responsible for any unfortunate events.  Furthermore, students who have requested their rooms to be changed must leave all their belongings packed and ready to be carried to their new rooms within the specified dates and must move into their  new room within those dates.
I will go abroad as an Exchange student next semester. How can I submit my dorm application for the following semester?
Students who go on an exchange program may check our website for the announcements about  dormitory applications and may apply online between the dates posted on the website.
I lost my room key/card. What should I do?
If residents lose their room keys/cards, a new room key/card is issued for or a replacement fee of 30 TL. 
If I have a technical or electrical/electronical problem in the dorms, what should I do?
Please report all your technical and electrical/electronical issues at helpdesk@ozyegin.edu.tr   
Can I have a pet in my room?
Not pets are allowed in the dormitories.
Can I watch TV or listen to music in my room?
You can watch TV or listen to music in your room provided that you do not disturb others.
Can I put up posters, announcements, pictures etc on the announcement boards or in the communal spaces in the dorms?
It is not allowed to put up any announcements or posters anywhere in the dormitory premises unless authorized by the Accommodation Services Management and stamped by the Dean of Students Office.
What happens if I violate the dormitory rules?
Students who violate the Dormitory Directives are subject to warnings and penal proceedings by the Accommodation Services Management and Dormitory Commission. Should the students who had been warned/reprimanded before continue to violate the Dormitory Directives, such students  can be expelled from the dormitories and may lose their eligibility to stay in the dorms permanently.
If I am expelled from the dormitories, can I be placed again?
Students who are expelled from the dormitories or who explicitly engage in behaviors that are in direct violation of the Dormitory Directives may permanently lose their eligibility to reside in the dorms and therefore may not be admitted to the OzU dormitories again.
Should there be a problem with my cell phone, how can I reach the dorm staff?
You may directly reach our dorm staff via the phones on the corridors. You do not need to dial any numbers. If the staff cannot answer your call, your call will be directed automatically to the Security Center.
Other than my personal belongings, what should I bring when I move into the dorms?
Our dorm rooms have, mattresses, undersheets, blankets, beds, wardrobes, desks, chairs, fridges, armchairs (only in some of the room types) and desk lamps. Students are expected to bring their own textile items such as pillows, bed sheets, towels, and duvets, if needed.
Is there transportation to the city center? If yes, how can I use it?
You can check our website at www.ozyegin.edu.tr and obtain detailed information about transportation via the ‘’Life at OzU” > ‘Access To Çekmeköy Campus’’> ‘’Shuttle Hours’’ tabs.  
Are there any on-campus supermarkets?
You can do your grocery shopping in our on-campus Şok supermarket from 08:00 to 20:00. The opening and closing hours of the supermarket may change during official holidays but any changes are  announced to students via email.
What should I do to use the washing machines in the dormitories?
All our dormitories have laundry rooms. Residents may use the washing machines and tumble dryers  in their own buildings free of charge.  Students are expected to bring their own detergent. Students may also borrow irons by presenting their ID cards and use the ironing desks in the laundry rooms to iron their clothes.
Is there any storage unit where I can leave my personal belongings during summer?
Students who have submitted their dorm applications for the next academic year are entitled to leave two cardboard boxes of 60x60 cm in the storage unit when they leave the dorms. Other than that, unfortunately we do not have any storage service. Each resident may leave only 2 boxes. 
What do housing fees include?
Housing fees include room fees, clearning services, heating, lighting, hot water, utilization of common spaces (laundries, kitchens, TVs in lounges) and unlimited wireless internet access. The housing fees do not include transportation, dining and similar other expenses.
What if I cannot pay my housing fees? What happens then? 
Failure to pay your housing fees by or on the due date will lead to forfeiture of your room assignment. Students who fail to pay their housing fees for the relevant academic year by the due dates are expelled from the dorms. To be eligible to check in the rooms, all students must  have duly paid their housing fees and brought their medical reports with them. Students who fail to pay their housing fees within the announced dates are expelled from the dorms and the rooms assigned to the expelled students are re-assigned to students in the waitlist.  
Can we pay our housing fees in installments?
Housing fees are paid collectively on a semester basis in cash by or on the due date announced at the time of room assignments.  You may pay your housing fees in installments via credit card.  (However, the number of installments may vary from one bank to another)
Other than submitting an online application, do I need to do anything else in order for my application to be considered complete?
For your application to be considered complete, you must pay the security deposit set forth by the Dormitory Commission. If you paid your security deposit in the previous year but some deductions were made from it, you should pay the missing amount and make sure you have a security deposit of 500 TL in place. Applications of students who fail to complete these procedures are not taken into account.
What happens if I do not pay the security deposit or complete the missing amount?
Students who fail to pay/complete their security deposits are not admitted to the dorms.
Do recipients of housing scholarships need to pay the security deposit?
All students who currently reside or apply to reside in the dorms must pay the security deposit, whether or not they are scholarship recipients.
Can I get a refund when I check out from the dorm in summer?
Students who have submitted dorm applications for the following semester cannot claim their security deposits back. Students may claim for a security deposit refund when they permanently leave the dorms by completing the Security Deposit Claim Form. Security deposits are refunded by the Finance Directorate within 10 to 15 days.
What happens if I am suspended from the university? Does it affect my residence in the dorms?
Suspended students are not allowed to stay in the dorms during the term of their suspension.
Can I check out within the academic semester?
Students may check out anytime within the academic semester provided that they notify the Accommodation Services Management in advance. Personal belongings of students who fail to complete the checkout procedures within the announced dates and as per the effective rules and regulations are temporarily moved to the storage unit. The students are notified via email  to claim their belongings within at the latest 15 days. Students who fail to claim the personal belongings within the specified dates without providing a justified reason will lose the ownership of their belongings. Further information about the refund of housing fees is available in the checkout and refunds sections of our web site.
I have housing scholarhip. Can I stay in a different room type?
Students with housing scholarships can stay in 4-person rooms without bathrooms free of charge. However, students may also stay in a different type of room by paying the difference between the room fees and their housing scholarships.
Do I have to accept the assigned room type, if it is not the type of room in which I wish to stay?
We strongly recommend you to first accept the room and then apply for a room change within the announced dates later. Otherwise, rejection of assigned rooms will be considered a forfeiture of the right to reside in the dorms.
I submitted a dorm application but I was not assigned to a room even though I live out of town. Can you explain why?
For dorm applications to be considered, students must pay the security deposit determined by the Domitory Comission. If any deductions made from the security deposit for any reason, students must pay the missing amount in their security deposits. Also room preferences and rankings may affect the result of room assignments.
Do I need to bring any other documents when I come to the dorms to check in?
To check in your rooms, you must bring your medical documents and the payment receipt of your housing fees to the Accommodation Services Office. At the Accommodation Services Office, you will need to sign the room assignment form and submit your medical documents and payment receipt. After that, you can claim your room cards and check in your rooms. 
What if I need to check in at the weekend? What should I do?
If you plan to check in your room at the weekend, you must pay the  necessary fees in advance during the week and bring the required documents with you.
One of my friends stays in a 2-person room and the other bed is not occupied. Since I am a dorm resident, can I use that unoccupied bed?
Students are required to stay in their own rooms assigned by the Accommodation Services Management. Students are not allowed to stay in any other room without the knowledge of the Accommodation Services Management for any reason.
Can I give my keys to a friend of mine to rest for an hour while I study in the library, for instance?
It is strictly forbidden to give the room key/card to a non-resident. Furthermore, dorm rooms cannot be used by neither other residents nor non-residents, even if it is for a short period of time.
Who are the members of the Dormitory Discipline Commission?
The Dormitory Discipline Commission is made up of Accommodation Services Management, YÖK Relations Coordinator and Legal Advisor.
What is SIS?
SIS is the name of the software program in which all student information is kept. Students can access SIS via the Özyeğin University website.
What if I leave the dorms without completing the necessary checkout procedures?
Personal belongings of students who fail to complete the necessary checkout procedures within the announced dates and as per the relevant rules and regulations are collected by the Accommodation Services Management and either sent to charity organizations or waste collection centers. The Accommodation Services Management will not be held responsible for any personal belongings that are left behind by residents.
The Dorm Directorate often tells us to send an email at   yurt@ozyegin.edu.tr for our issues. Who check(s) these emails?
yurt@ozyegin.edu.tr is the common email account of the Accommodation Services Management Emails sent to this address are checked within the office hours. Responses given are also seen, read and reviewed by the Accommodation Services Team Leader and Accommodation Services Management.
The email account is created to protect your rights, to help you document the requests you have made and give you the opportunity to seek for remedies if your request is not fulfilled.  All emails sent to this address are read   by the relevant specialist or the dormitory staff based on its content and scope, who then analyze the issues, search for their solutions and respond to the requestors.
I have the right to leave 2 boxes in the storage unit but I have lots of stuff. I wanted to leave one more box and they did not let me. What happens if I leave the box in my room and go?
Any personal belongings left in the rooms are given to the Student Union to be donated to charity organizations or to the Waste Collection Centers. The Accommodation Services Management will not be held responsible for any personal belongings that are left behind.
There is a very short period of time between the end of Spring semester and the start of the Summer school. Can I leave some of the stuff that I would also need for the Summer School in my room?
If the room assigned to you for the Summer School is vacated, you can leave your personal belongings in your new room, provided that you put a note on it specifically stating that it is left for the Summer School and you leave them in an orderly way. However the Accommodation Services Management will not be held responsible for any personal belongings that are left in the rooms.
I vacated the room. I did not leave any personal belongings inside. But I was in a hurry, and I had to give my room card/key to my roommate and leave without signing the checkout form. Would that be a problem?
Even if the room is vacated properly, all students are personally responsible for completing their checkout procedures.  This responsibility cannot be transferred to any other person.
Can I learn the room number of one of my friends who stays in the dorm?
We cannot disclose any information of our students to anyone. You may obtain this information directly from your friend.
The dorm staff came to my room at 23:00 and asked the guest in my room to leave the dorm. Can the dorm staff interfere with students or guests before the visiting hours are over?
Guests of the residents may stay in the lounges designated by the Accommodation Services Management between 09:00 and 23:00. It is strictly forbidden for guests to go up to the sleeping quarters. No guests are allowed in the student rooms.

Where can I receive the parcel/cargo/shipment or credit card mailed to me?
You may claim your shipments in the Cargo Room No:104 in the Dorm 2 by signing the necessary documents. Unfortunately we are not allowed to accept credit cards mailed to you on behalf of you due to security reasons.
If I go to the on-campus health center for a medical issue, will you let my family know?
All medical issues are at the discretion of the physican. Unless deemed necessary by the physician, the families are not notified. If it is deemed necessary, the physician on duty or the Student Services Directorate will notify the family. Under special circumstances, upon the recommendation or the request of the physican, the Accommodation Services Management may inform the families.
I have some psychological/personal problems and the dorm staff have become aware of them. I am afraid that others will learn about them as well. Is there such a risk?
Dorm staff do not/cannot disclose students’ personal issues unless it is absolutely necessary, and if so, they can only disclose such information to the relevant persons. Based on your issues, the staff will collaborate with you and refer you to the Psychologic Guidance Department and/or Student Services Directorate and/or Health Center. Information shared with the dorm staff by a student is not disclosed to any other students.
I have some problems with my room mate. However I am afraid that if I let you know via email, s/he might learn or hear about it. Is there such a risk?
Our staff do not/cannot  disclose any information shared by our students to anyone else except for the relevant staff nor can they inform others about this issue. Issues shared by our students are not discussed or evaluated in the presence of other students.
Can others learn the things I told to the Psychological Guidance Unit?
Counseling is confidential.
What should I do if I believe that I do not get the support I need from the dorm staff? If I circumvented him/her and talked to his/her superior, would the dorm staff be hostile to me?
Our doors are wide open to all our students and their parents. If you believe that you  do not receive the support or help you need, please do not hesitate to contact our  Accommodation Services Management or Team Leader to share your problems. Whatever might your issue be, our dorm staff will never turn it into a personal problem.

I have problems with the floor/building where I stay. With whom should I talk to solve these problems?
To solve your problems, you can talk with the dorm staff responsible for your building. You can call our Accommodation Services Management, using the emergency telephones on each floor (you do not need to dial any numbers). If you cannot reach our Accommodation Services Office, your call will be automatically directed to the security center.

The drawer of my wardrobe is broken and the staff came and fixed it upon my email. Would the cost of repair be deducted from my security deposit?
Unless the damage is caused deliberately or due to human error, the cost of constructional, mechanical or electrical repairs is not deducted.
What should I do if I left my room card somewhere?
You can complete the room key/card request form at the Accommodation Services Office and obtain a spare card for a day.
What if I forget to return the spare card?
Failure to return the spare card to the Accommodation Services Office will result in a fine of 20 TL.
I want my room to be cleaned better on the cleaning days? What should I do?
If you leave your room and desk tidy and try to avoid leaving your personal belongings on the floor such as shoes, suitcases, boxes etc or remove them altogether from the floor on the cleaning day, your room can be cleaned better.
How many times a week are the rooms cleaned? Can I request additional cleaning?
Rooms are cleaned once a week. Unfortunately, we do not offer additional cleaning services other than our standard cleaning.
How often are the communal spaces cleaned?
The communal spaces are cleaned thoroughly twice a day, once in daytime and once at night. However when necessary, these areas can be cleaned during the day.
Can I learn more about the fire detectors in the rooms?
The detectors in the dorm rooms are smoke detectors. The smoke detectors first send silent alarms and then normal audible alarms to the control center. Disabling or removing  the smoke detectors will be considered a dangerous act and result in penalties.
Can I learn more about the fire extinguishers on the floors?
Fire extinguishers on the floors are dry chemical powder type extinguishers, while fire extinguishers in the kitchens are carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. The use of fire extinguishers for any other purposes than putting out a fire will be considered a dangerous act and result in penalties.
Whom should I contact for connection speed or connection problems?
The IT department is responsible for all Internet-related issues. You may contact our IT department for all your connectivity issues via email at  servicedesk@ozyegin.edu.tr .
I have been admitted to your university with tuition waivers. Will I receive any discounts in the dorms at the rate of my  tuition waiver?
Tuition waivers only cover tuition fees. Students who are not awarded with housing scholarship may stay in the dorms by paying the housing fees. For further details about housing scholarships, you may contact Student Services.
If I decided to check out from the dorm two months after I checked in, could I get a refund for the room fees that I had paid?
Students who  check out after the announced dates are not refunded for the room fees they paid. Further details about refunds are available in our checkouts and refunds section on our website.
I changed my room one month after the beginning of the semester. My first room was a 4-person room and I had paid the room fees for a 4-person room. My new room is for 2 persons. Do I need to pay all of the room fees for a room for 2?
If the room is assigned to the student after the dorms are opened, the room fees are calculated based on the date of the room assignment.
What are the emergency numbers?
There are emergency phones on each floor. You can reach our Accommodation Services Office by picking up the emergency phone. You do not have to dial any numbers. If you cannot reach our office, your call will be automatically directed to the Security Center.
Also you can call the following numbers 24/7 in case of an emergency:
                    Accommodation Services Management    :  0216 564 94 58
                    Dorm Security     :  0216 564 72 25
                    Health Center    :  0216 564 91 12
                     Security Center  :  0216 564 91 55
In each room, there is a list of emergency numbers that you may call.
Are there any kitchens in the dormitories?
There are communal kitchens in the Dorm 1-2 and 3.  Furthermore, there are small kitchens equipped with only microwave ovens on each floor of the Dorm 1 and 3. 
How are the kitchens equipped?
The kitchens are equipped with 4-burner electrical stoves, grills for making toasted sandwiches and aspirators for ventilating the air inside. Students are expected to provide all other equipment and tools themselves (pans, pots, dishes, cutleries etc)
Can I bring rugs/carpets into my room?
Provided that your room mates accept, you may lay a carpet on the floor. However, students are required to take the carpet with them when they check out from the dormitories. Personal belongings left behind when checking out from the dormitories are considered thrash by the Accommodation Services Management.

Are there mirrors in the dorm rooms? Can I bring one?
There are not any mirrors in the dorm rooms. Residents may mount mirrors inside or outside their wardrobe doors. However it is forbidden to mount any mirrors elsewhere in the rooms.
I submitted a clean bill of health (medical report) last year. Do I need to submit a new report this year? If so, where and when do I need to submit it?
Medical reports must be submitted annually. Therefore, even if you had submitted a medical report in the previous academic year, you still need to present a new medical report for the relevant academic year.  The medical reports must be submitted to the Accommodation Services Management when checking in the dorms. Otherwise students are not allowed to check in the dorms.
Is there a fridge in the room?
There are fridges in all our dorm rooms.
Do I need to take a leave of absence from the Accommodation Services Management for weekends or the days I do not stay in the dorms?
We do not have such a procedure. Our students do not need to inform or take a leave of absence from the Accommodation Services Management for the days they do not stay in our dorms.
Are there curfews in the dormitories?
There are not any curfews in the dorms. Residents may enter or exit their own dorms as they wish.
Is there Wi-Fi in the dorms?
There is unlimited wireless internet access in all our dormitories.
What happens if I leave my dirty dishes in the communal kitchen?
Students are personally responsible for any personal belongings left behind in the communal kitchens. Any items abandoned/left behind in the communal kitchens for more than one day will be disposed.
What happens if I leave my items in the laundry room?
Students are personally responsible for any items left behind in the laundry room as the laundry room is open to all residents 24/7.  Any items abandoned/left behind in the laundry rooms for more than one day will be disposed.