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Education Policy

Education Policy

At Özyeğin University, we believe that each student is a unique individual who needs an inclusive, safe and caring environment that supports student engagement and achievement in academics, co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities for their intellectual, professional and social development. It is our desire to help students meet their fullest potential through the OzU transformational journey that is student-centered and learning-oriented. We aim OzU graduates to lead and excel in business life, in social service, as entrepreneurs and scholars as responsible world citizens who think consequentially and engage constructively. We believe that the university's role is to guide and provide institutionally streamlined student experience through innovative learning communities, inclusive student-centered advising services, access to hands-on activities with direct interaction between students and faculty. We encourage students to construct knowledge as they learn to find answers to their questions, discover for themselves and practice skills necessary to reach their goals.

Furthermore, one of our high hopes as a university that puts sustainability at the nexus of its research, teaching and service activities is to instill in our students the intrinsic motivation to address global challenges humanity faces, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. We believe there is a need for compassionate, strong, and dedicated individuals who are excited about promoting prosperity while protecting the planet.

In this context, we refer to the students’ lifecycle at OzU as their transformational journey/ Transformative Student Experience.

Learning and Teaching Capabilities Framework: Transformative Student Experience

OzU Transformative Student Experience (TSE) is the name given to the whole process that OzU provides to its students in order to align their knowledge and skills with the world standards and to give them the ability to transform themselves by learning to learn. The process is structured and supervised with a student journey mapping which enables continuous planning, monitoring and improvement of the learning experience.

The core dimensions of OzU TSE that complement and reinforce the bachelor curriculum are:

Sectoral Knowledge & Skills: The bachelor curriculum at OzU provides scientific knowledge, as well as hard and soft skills development that not only train students academically, but also prepare them for their roles as citizens and as professionals in society. To this end, academic curriculum is augmented with an innovative sectoral education program and hands on experiential learning that strengthen the link between research orientation of the university and its commitment to providing student-centered, applied education in a systematic, reasoned and coherent manner across the various faculties and throughout the student journey.

Sectoral Education Program is a crucial and unique part of the OzU curriculum, designed to prepare our students as academically, professionally, and socially resourceful graduates who add value to their professional and civic communities. The program consists of Sectoral Solution courses, where students are exposed to different sectors and career tracks through a curriculum enriched with online resources, guest speakers, sectoral analyses, case studies, simulations and practicum projects. The program’s second component is the co-curricular mandatory internship for all undergraduate degree programs. The program also includes extra-curricular component where all OzU students are encouraged to benefit from voluntary (non-credit) internship opportunities on-campus as well as off-campus in Turkey and abroad. Finally; a centralized Professional Development office with dedicated full-time advisors offers various group as well as individual trainings designed specifically for every stage of the student lifecycle to help students make their respective career aspirations a tangible reality.

Meta Learning: Learning to learn, as students shape their learning paths is the key component of OzU TSE. This involves the students’ recognizing opportunities for improvement, believing that they can successfully improve, and learning to effectively plan, monitor, and evaluate their learning strategies.

There are four specialized administrative aspects of this framework that are essential for its facilitation:

a) Digitalization of education: Digital transformation of education tools starting with the textbooks and assessments in common courses allow us to follow the data on the topics and skills that students need support.
b) OzU analytics: Tracking of learning and teaching experience through data analytics entail analysis of learning, analysis of courses and analysis of student success and engagement at the institutional level.
c) OzU advising: Professional advisors assist students during their freshman and sophomore years with developmental and proactive advising.
d) OzU learning and development: The findings from the above processes are evaluated and analyzed in order to implement improvements in the OzU Curriculum and student lifecycle experience.